Digital Adapter and UPS shipment

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Digital Adapter and UPS shipment

I order my digital adapters they came quick but the ups guy dropped them off at the wrong address?

My neighbor delivered them to me and one had some random guy’s name on it?

Not sure if someone has mine or not I asked for three guess I got two and half?

I gave it back to the UPS store told them the story didn’t seem to care because a signature isn’t needed?

Not sure if Rogers is tracking them or not, they must be when I wanted to activate I need to give all kinds of info? 

Seems kind of screwy, guess Rogers stands to profit from missing equipment fees?

Lots of questions to go unanswered. 



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Re: Digital Adapter and UPS shipment

Ya they do a pretty bad job what I hear is they have too big of route and not enough time so a few slip between the cracks but don’t they signature boxes things use gps and they would know if got dropped off at the wrong address. Maybe it’s not that accurate or maybe cause its only 40 rogers wont enforce the fees? My reply is cause when I called in they want my sin number, why is that?! to zap a box?! It was bit over kill than again they are bank now. Don’t know why the automated attendant can’t confirm the order. At least there at no charge.

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Re: Digital Adapter and UPS shipment

Check your account on line. It should say how many digital adapters and outlets you should have. When I got my DTAs, I found I could pick them up at the Rogers store, where I had to provide ID.

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