Digital Adapter Not Working

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Digital Adapter Not Working

I hooked up all the coaxial cables in the right spots and I turned my TV channel to 3.

I called the 1-800 # to authorize and still nothing.

The green light is still flashing.  Rogers even tried rebooting the box several times....nothing.


I now have a technician coming to my home to check it out in a couple of days.


Does anyone think they might know as to why it's not working?

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Re: Digital Adapter Not Working

Hi @lizzy1969


Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Are you able to confirm the source setting of your TV?


What do you see on your TV when you have the TV to channel 3?


Although it could be a faulty adapter, as you are getting power with the green light flashing.




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Re: Digital Adapter Not Working

Hey, did you figure it out? When I first tried to use my DTA, I found that it was actually set to output to channel 4. 


Try channel 4 - can you see anything from the digital adapter now?