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Device Warranty

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Please can someone kindly post roger's wireless device (phone) warranty policy.


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Re: Device Warranty

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Hi 2012 and welcome to the forums,


You can find that information listed on our website here:


Re: Device Warranty

I've Been Around

This link is broken.​sy/warranty_repair


Secondly Rogers put up this new policy of 35$ advance replacement in effect without informing any of the potential customers.



I never paid 35$ before due to choosing smart phones over regular phones (which comes with the advance protection) for more than 3 years and now without informing customers by any method (Mail/Text Message/E-mail), this policy is in effect. Customer service will do anything to take this money out of your pocket because in there book this is LEGIT. Wait for the next time till they will change some policy internally putting out a 500$ charge for something and a customer have to pay (AGAIN).



Thankyou Rogers!!! You made my day.


I feel completely taken care off after talking to 3 customer service reps and 2 managers. All of them were completely helpless and blank!!!


Hit like if you have experienced the same scenario

Re: Device Warranty

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hey just want to add a few things... 1 - this change came in about well over half a year ago now 2 - from what i have been told its a shipping, processing fee... can you mail a letter without buying a stamp? 3 - what other provider in canada offers advanced replacements? yup thats right none. 4 - you have a few of charge option which is send your blackberry off for repair and an option for a loaner device until you receive your device back which is only a $50 deposit (go check out bell or telus and the price of a loaner)

just read and wanted to add

Re: Device Warranty

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Joey is right. Rogers brought this out a year or so ago. The fee is for sending it to the warehouse to get a look at it. You need to pay for sending something just like you would pay to send a TV or a little package to your family in a different city.

Bell & Telus have similar fees as well.
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