Device Tune Up

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Device Tune Up


Interesting.. and good that its a FREE service.

As long as the reps are PROPERLY trained on how to do it all.

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Re: Device Tune Up

Hello Gdkitty 

I do like this program and  heard about that a few days ago and tested it. Unfortunately the rep dealing with this in one of the locations i went was poorly trained and basically told me to do what everyone already knows what to do. ( restart the phone and remove apps u don't use). As nice as this sounds, i don't see a point to it unless the rep is extremely trained and can fix a device on spot.

I do like the concept tho and many will go to the stores and ask. Hopefully the reps are trained better and can help a bit more.  



EDIT -  just to add.  Rogers is adding more bloatware in the device after you take it in .  The add another app on ur phone that yes u can remove them but no point of it being on the phone after.  Also ontop of that during this process if the back up didn't go threw properly and you lose your stuff, Rogers takes no responsibility on that.  It says everything on the link i posted.  


Also anyone with a Rooted device can not use this program. 


EDIT 2.  Also if the device gets bricked in their hands and won turn on or work, you basically either have to pay to repair it,  have to pay and upgrade or get a new phone.. I don't see that any good for a customer seeing as the carrier is offering this service and if they damage it in their hands, they should be held responsible or give u a discount on ur upgrade.  Its only fair.