Device Switch no thanks to Rogers

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Device Switch no thanks to Rogers

Hi out there.  This is not a question but hopefully a helpful hint.  While I did get some useful help on another thread about transferring from BB Curve 9360 to BB Z10, I could not - for the life of me - get clear help on how to transfer data (mainly, contacts) from the one phone to the other.  And Rogers it/themselves was the LEAST helpful!  I am not a tech-head, but not a complete dunder-head, either, and I don't know if it's because BB is not prime market like other phones, but I did not really appreciate being brushed off by most (not all, though) Rogers people.  


Sooo, having said that Smiley Happy, with help from, I have happily switched/transferred all data from the old phone to the new phone.  And while I am sure this is not news for a lot a people, I am going to share how to do that.  You can install BB Link and BB Desktop Manager on your computer; I did the latter twice but it still would not pull data from the Curve.  Instead, you need to install/download Device Switch from BB World on the new phone AND on old phone.  But again, it was not the current version for Curve, so thankfully there was a tip on the Z10 to download it directly on the Curve directly from the web.  Once installed on both devices, make sure they are both connected to the same wi fi network.  Then launch Device Switch, follow the prompts and presto!  Yay new BB!


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Re: Device Switch no thanks to Rogers

It's kind of late now but for the record, that's what I would have advised you to do.



I'm glad everything's working for you now. Cheers.  🙂

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Re: Device Switch no thanks to Rogers

Glad it worked out for you, I have switched a few of my friends' phones this way. Android to BlackBerry, BlackBerry to BlackBerry. Works like a charm and saves you the grief of figuring out what may be missing. Enjoy your new BlackBerry . 😉

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