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Delays in billing?

I Plan to Stick Around

Any other Rogers customers getting delayed bills?  I have not yet received one for the past 45 days.  Not complaining of course.  Just worried about the size of the bill when it does finally arrive.



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Re: Delays in billing?

Hi @harleysmom,



Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post.


Have you been able to view your invoice since you last posted here? 


Please keep us updated.




Re: Delays in billing?

I've Been Here Awhile

Why is it that Roger's is late with producing my bill. Up until this latest contract with them and I'm talking since 1996 you have always posted or mailed me my bill on time.
But that's not what's really bothering me. What's bothering me is if I call or go on chat no one in billing can tell me what's up. All they can say is they don't know why it's late . I chatted last week trying to find out what my total on the bill would be and the chat person after 40 minutes could only tell me to check back next week so I check today Feb 23 , 7days past my billing period and I talk to a live rep on the phone and he tells me the same bs. If your system is automated there should not be any lag or scheduled business days crapp. Pick it up Roger's and get your customer service together or your going to loose another long time customer

Re: Delays in billing?

Hello @Johnmb,


I don't like to hear of ongoing unresolved billing issues such as this, so please allow us to look into it further for you and begin the steps towards a permanent resolution.


When you have the opportunity, reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we'll start the investigation on your behalf.





Re: Delays in billing?

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi Roger's Corey I clicked on the link in your message and could not figure out how to communicate with you. That's the other thing there is way to much fishing around on this site figuring out what to do


Yup I'm having the same problem were I can log into my account but not see my electronic bill. And I have coated once and called once a week with different reps and no one wants to help or say what the problem is. I just been told it's in the process and there system is fully automated now and the reps we call have no access to are billing information


What are the steps to communicate with you in the Roger's Community help page

Re: Delays in billing?

Hi @Johnmb


Please refer to our blog here on private message @CommunityHelps.




Re: Delays in billing?

I've Been Here Awhile

Missing Bills in MyRogers account.


I started home internet service with Rogers last March 23rd and I chose online billing option. So far I got only one bill (dated March 24, 2018) I could see in MyRogers Account. My billing cycle end date every 24th. Why is missing last 3 bills in my MyRogers account? I called 3 times to customer service and agent every time apologized and told me someone will call me ASAP. So far nobody called me and still missing the bills. This is my last 2 case ID R c134585730, c133808634

I hope someone can help me to see my bill online or paper bill by Canada post.




Re: Delays in billing?

Hello, @Jeyanthan


Thank you for posting your billing concern in the Community. I can certainly see the inconvenience of not able to see three consecutive bills; we can surely look into expediting the cases you have opened to resolve the issue. 


I appreciate sending us the private message; we look forward to seeing the resolution at the earliest.




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