Degradation in upload speed

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Re: Degradation in upload speed

Hello @Noobcamper,


Thanks so much for posting your signal levels!


While they are well within the specified range the signal levels seem to be fluctuating a lot in terms of strength and SNR. It's difficult to determine if this is related to your specific issue without running additional tests from our end. If you have a Ticket already open I would wait on the results of that as its possible there is an issue detected in the area which would require maintenance.


Let the Community know once you get the results of the Ticket and when your issue becomes resolved!



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Re: Degradation in upload speed

Yep, having someone come on Tuesday. It does seem to be slowly getting worse. I am down to 450 down, 2.5 up and I get random lag spikes in games, and streaming videos are having buffering problems 😞


Will let you know.


Quick Edit: My brother in law lives on my cross street and has this same service. His is fine, so it's either my street specifically, or the line that's coming into my house. I've pretty much eliminated my setup by connecting the modem directly to the line that comes into my house with nothing else on it.

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Re: Degradation in upload speed

Hello everyone,


I'm on the 150/15 ignite internet plan, and for the last 3 weeks my upload has consistently been at ~2Mb/s. One day the upload speed dropped to 0.07Mb/s. The modem kept dropping internet. The download speed has been fine for the most part (if the modem was able to connect to the internet, the download speeds were reliably at 150Mb/s). Needless to say, conversations over the internet were not possible (I would sound robotic and choppy), as well as any activities that required upload (Google Drive, browsing would be really slow, some pages would not load).


After numerous phone calls, 2 "issue fixed" tickets, and a tech visit (they confirmed the line signals were excellent, and even swapped out the modem to rule out any hardware issues), they decided to send this problem over to the maintenance team, as the technician could not find anything wrong on my end, and Rogers told him that everything was fine on their end.


A couple of days later, while I was waiting for the bus, I saw a Rogers employee come out from the back of my neighbour's house, carrying some sort of electrical device with cables connected to it. When I came home I was ecstatic to see that the upload speed had returned and that I was actually getting what I was paying for.


Two days later, the problem came back again:


There does not seem to be any signs of it stopping. However, the internet returns to normal for about a minute at a time, but with high jitter and ping, which didn't happen before.


I don't know what else to try, everything seems out of my hands..

It's been almost a month long problem, and it still has not been solved.


I just got off the phone with someone from Rogers, and they said that they'll send a "chronic?" technician, as well as contacting the maintenance team to check the neighbourhood again. In the limited notes related to the recent maintenance work, the maintenance people said they fixed noise issues.


My fear is the problem may not be there when the maintenance people check my area, and find nothing due to the nature of this intermittent problem. In addition to that, because maintenance work is probably an expensive resource, they may then say nothing is wrong at this time, and I'll have to call about this issue again. It's been almost a month for god's sakes.


@Datalink I have a good suspicion that this may be the cause of Twitch upload issues that I am still experiencing today..


If this isn't fixed this time around, what should I do?

How many more weeks of this until they fix this, IF they fix it?

The technician has already proven that the issue is not on my end, yet we keep going round and around in circles.


I apologize if I sound like I'm ranting, but I'm frustrated that it has taken this long and it still hasn't been fixed.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Re: Degradation in upload speed

So, the morning the tech was to show up I ran a speed test and everything was back to normal.


I didn't cancel the appointment as I still wanted the tech to check my lines, but as I suspected once he showed up he did say they found a degraded signal issue on my street and that they were actually still working on it.


It's been fine since.

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Re: Degradation in upload speed

Hey @dtx1

As a streamer myself, intermittent low upload can be incredibly brutal to deal with to say the least. Nothing worse than dropped frames when you're trying to keep a consistent viewing experience :[. 

Regarding your concerns, I am glad to hear that it's been escalated for you and that maintenance has been engaged. We're looking forward to a swift resolution.

Couple of things to note regarding slow upload speed that might ease some of your concerns. Slow upload is often caused by one of two issues, signal to noise ratio being out of spec on the upstream or network congestion in the area. Both of which are viewable even when intermittent as it can be tracked over time. Though both can be spotted, identifying the source and leading them to resolution can take varying degrees of time. With noise related issues there should be improvement over the next 7 days though if the concern is congestion related and segmentation is required the time line could be upwards of a year.

It's important that when identifying the cause of a customer's concern that we set appropriate expectations, so if for any reason you do still require assistance please let us know and we'll be happy to review the issue with you to provide any available information. To do so, send us a private message @CommunityHelps and we'll have the ability to determine next steps. For more information on our Private Messaging system, please click here.

Hoping to see this resolved soon for you and happy streaming :). 


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Re: Degradation in upload speed



They said that the maintenance team didn't find anything unusual. They asked for them to look at it again.


I've been having the same poor internet connections the whole day, and after I tried resetting the modem, it just kept rebooting for 15 minutes until it could get back to this:


If it isn't fixed after the next maintenance visit, I think it's in everyone's best interest that I switch over to a provider that uses Bell infrastructure; maintenance visits aren't cheap and continuing this cat and mouse chase benefits no one.


The people who have helped me have been nothing short of courteous (DJ, Michael, Koshy), however this problem has been going on long enough. I'm not sure how long its supposed to take to solve a problem like this, but I'm not sticking around for another week.


I've been with Rogers for about 5 years or so, and while the service started out excellent, it's been nothing but downhill the last two years.


Thank you and best of luck to everyone else.


EDIT: After talking with the escalation team, they basically said that they aren't able to send in maintenance requests until another senior technician (likely the same one, as the last one was also a senior technician in my area) comes in at the right time and sees that there's upload issues (even though a technician confirmed it 2 weeks ago). Not only does the technician have to come in at the right time, but there's also another dice roll with respect to the maintenance team catching the problem.


As for current options, I can only wait for the senior technician to come in, as well as await approval for a SamKnows box. In the meantime, I will be forwarding a complaint to the Office of the President and the CCTS for pressure, as nothing will change in the current situation. I'm very disappointed by how Rogers is handling this issue.


The first technician who came swapped my modem, confirmed that the signals were excellent, yet the upload speed was still abysmal (on his machine, directly connected to the new modem (CGN3) in its default state). Is this not proof enough for someone to seriously look at this?

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Re: Degradation in upload speed

Good evening @dtx1,


Experiencing slow upload speeds can definitely cause some inconveniences. Feeling left without a resolution after several calls and a technician can be frustrating. 

I know you have gone through troubleshooting but we'd like the opportunity to further assist you if we can. 


Could you please directly connect an Ethernet cable from the modem to the computer?

Open a web browser and enter the following address to access the gateway login page:

Login with:

  • Username: cusadmin
  • Password: password   (Or with your password if it was already set up)

Click Status at the top of the page and the DOCSIS WAN tab.


Copy and paste the results, but please take the time to remove your MAC address.





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Re: Degradation in upload speed

Hello, @RogersMaude


I submitted a complaint to the CCTS a couple of days ago and I was promptly contacted and told that the issue will be investigated further.


Yesterday I caught a brief, odd drop in download speed, but the upload speeds were fine (which has not happened in the last month). I believe that something may have been done, as I have not experienced any drops in upload for the rest of yesterday night. For the time being, I don't want to touch or change the modem configuration at the moment until they are finished (I had it bridged since the time the last technician came).


As soon as I am updated, and if I run into the problem again, I will post again with my signals (just a quick note that prior to the first technician coming in, I was checking the signals and they were fine even though the issue persisted; moreover, the tier 2 support agents were seeing the same thing, as well as the technician that actually came in and verified that there were no signal, or local hardware issues).



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Re: Degradation in upload speed

Alright I'm going to tell you this right now. 
DEMAND they redrop the line to your house.
I went through this exact thing a while back and nobody would listen to me, UNTIL I demanded they redrop the line.
I've been streaming to twitch on rogers for 4 years now. Only once or twice was it ever bad for packets getting dropped prior to the line and they were due to network driver configurations, or Twitch having issues with their ingress.
Here is the thing, they will hum and haw at you trying to get out of redropping that line, but MAKE THEM.

I was told this same thing:

"Couple of things to note regarding slow upload speed that might ease some of your concerns. Slow upload is often caused by one of two issues, signal to noise ratio being out of spec on the upstream or network congestion in the area. Both of which are viewable even when intermittent as it can be tracked over time. Though both can be spotted, identifying the source and leading them to resolution can take varying degrees of time. "

And I explained:
This is precisely the case: SnR out of spec due to a failing, faulty, or damaged connection between the pole and your demarcation box. 
It's not congestion at 3 in the morning only using 5Mbit of my 50/mbit upload.
Use that to PROPERLY test your connection.

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Re: Degradation in upload speed

this looks like it will be the next Step.


We went from business internet, which was fine until the weekend before NOvember 8, then it went to . . We called and talked and even moved to Ignite. Then we got a message recently that the issue was fixed, some wire pair problem at a box or something.


Now things are back to the way they were. . ! it was ok for a few days, now it's junk again.

I cannot base my stream times around when Rogers feels like working, i don't have that free time to do it.


I expect to have a working service, period. . i expected a better service when i was on a business internet, but got better response from being a residential. Thanks for the tip on demanding a new line drop.