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I've Been Here Awhile
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Default ringback

Hello, I was just wondering how to get the default ringback song. Midway state - Never again

I subscribed to the dollar ringback and never got the ringtone, it just stayed as a default ringer.

I am trying to purchase that song but can't seem to find it on the urmusic/ringbacks website.


is there anyway to get it? and how come it didn't come on automatically as everyone else who got it had it.

I don't mind paying 2 dollars for it if I could find it on the site.

any help would be appreciate.d thanks


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Retired Moderator
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Re: Default ringback

Hi plee,


When signing in to your account you should be able to manage your ringbacks.


If you are still experiencing issues you can reach our customer care at 1866-931-3282 and they can set it up with you.