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Data top ups

I'm a Regular

These new "data top ups" look and sound nice. But i've some questions


-What are the tiers and pricing of the topups (I know you can use a max of 3 per billing cycle)

-Are small business accounts eligible (I am on a ShareEverything16GB loyalty plan from the small business side)

-Can data top ups apply to usage incurred whilst roaming on the Roam Like Home package? IE if I run out of data whilst abroad can I apply a data top up same as if I would back in Canada? This is where it would be most beneficial to me.


Cheers all


Re: Data top ups

I'm a Senior Advisor

@mahmahoda  No not a stupid customer, although, sometimes when I come away from a call to a CSR, I sometimes feel that way.


The current model is a difficult one to grasp, along with the reality that it changed I think 4 times in a period of 6 months.  They were trying to come up with a model to work with the new restrictions on permissions to have more data and data caps set by CRTC Wireless code - it was creating problems for variable use like this and for the home Rocket modem users.


I won't try to explain the rationalle why it is this way, because I can't.


I like you though know the feeling that I am a super calm guy, very patient most of the time, but historically, get me in a call with a Rogers CSR and I begin to lose it.  It was always that way, but it got worse as I developed severe symptoms of PTSD.  Phone calls to Rogers and other companies actually became a target of my therapy and my therapist had a brother who worked as a CSR, so he consulted and asked how best to work together.  It was useful.


We narrowed down what led to my own frustration - first, the maze of the front end choices, then the inability of staff to take ownership to resolve an issue to its conclusion (I.e., if you phone back for further clarification you get someone else and start all over).


In my case, it is a good thing I didn't get the response you got - I would now calmly have said, "interesting point you just made there".  Take a look over my profile for indication of disabiliy - what do you find - they will find visual disability and a note of text disability - which just means that I have difficulty reading text, and also understanding text, so using text to voice on my phone is helpful, but I have to ask questions to get clarification.


I would then say, let's start all over again, please explain the whole policy of how this works so that I can understand it fully, and then let's consider reversing the charges in some manner as I really didn't understand -


So, no you are not stupid - they have made this change over extremely complicated and difficult to understand.


One thing that took a long time to understand was the cancellation of the recurring top ups when there was more than one.


My understanding (haven't done it yet, so won't know until then), is that if you had to do two, you will be charged for to recurring and if you text Cancel it cancels the recurring on all of them.


So our process now is, text to accept the "recurring top up" - not really a top up anymore in my mind, it is an add on of additional text from the start of the month you do it it (the bill will show it for the whole month, as there is no prorating), and then the add-on (again that is the way i view it to understand it bettter), continues until you cancel and you have to cancel before the end of the month (end of billiing period).


So we add the data, then immediately send message cancel - the data for the month continues with the increased month, and the recurring monthly charge ends.


Clear as mud.


Personally, I know it is a pain to call them and I like you get very impatient with them at times, but plan your call, what you want, make sure you have time, and if unhappy, don't ask for a manager, you generally won't get one.


Go to the website myrogers and send a concern - a member of management or office of president will get back to you.  The front line CSR's responses are highly scripted in my experience and their authority to do much is also limited, and my understanding is that they can refer you to a manager anymore (just my experience).


Good luck on working out something - my phrase, is always now, "how about a one time full or partial credit to reflect that I didn't understand", and from my experience, this whole thing related to data is not as easy as they make it to be.  In your case, like mine, we use it rarely, and an email or text from 5 months ago, I don't really remember well.  I have become so paranoid about understanding how things work, that I call in or chat and go through my example 3 or 4 times before I go forward.


So in summary, do the add-on of the "top-up" of the additional data, and then send the Cancel message.  If you want to be confident, like me the first time, I called in and confirmed that it had been recorded the cancel.


Take care, Bruce

Re: Data top ups

I've Been Here Awhile

Thank You! I just checked my account and they have given me credit for June and July. Though, I am still waiting for the phone call back. Also, I will now wait and see if they also charge me for August. If they do, this time I will call them back right away and follow your advise on how to deal with them. Thanks for your insight @BS.

Re: Data top ups

I Plan to Stick Around
Never got data top up to work. I just get an error message
Error: We are unable to process your request at this time. For assistance you may reach us at
Is it due to the fact I am on a legacy plan (6GB for $30) and Roger's wants me to change plans? (Which is unlikely to happen)
If my plan is not compatible then the error message should say that.

Re: Data top ups

Hi @Dragonstar,


Thanks for your participation in the Community Forums!! 


The option to add a data top-up is definitely super convenient for those months where you've been a bit more busy than usual!! From what I can see, data top-ups should be available with any of the following wireless plan types:


- Share Everything price plan (including customers who have a corporate discount applied on a Regular Consumer account)
- In-market Non-share price plans
- Legacy (expired) Non-share price plans (Non-share plan users do have to have data on their plan in order for the data top-ups to apply)


If you are still unsure as to whether or not your plan should include the data top-up option, we'd be happy to review your plan details to see what's going on there! Feel free to send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on our Private Messaging system, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you!


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