Data invoice- New Netcomm Rockethub

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Data invoice- New Netcomm Rockethub

I bought the new Netcomm Rockethub about 4 months ago for my cottage.  I barely use it like 2 days a week only to go on internet (no movies).  Every month, I'm stunned by the amount of data (always over 3gig) that I am billed.  There must be a mistake since on don't even use 3 gig a month at my home on my internet plan.


Anyone with the same problem?




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Re: Data invoice- New Netcomm Rockethub



we don't have that problem. My wife and I use our RocketHub daily, and we seldom go over 3Gb a month.  Your situation definitely sounds abnormal.  Does your RocketHub show as well this high data usage on its internal data usage tracking?


You need to check several things:


1. it is of course possible that some in your family are using more data than you realize, although I assume that you have made certain that is not the case;


2. Check to make sure that your WiFi access to the device is properly set up with the required security in place.  If the WiFi is not set up properly for security, obviously others in the immediate area of your cottage can use the Internet access the device provides.


3. push Rogers and make them justify their charges.  I have for a long time been concerned that there seems to be no audit process for what is obviously a mechanism with financial implications.  As well, Rogers has to the best of my knowledge never clarified as to how precisely they measure the data usage for which they charge us the extra money.


4. do you shut the device off (power it down) when you are not at the cottage?  That is probably a good idea anyway, if only to protect it from lightning-induced power transients during your absence.


5. although highly unlikely, it is possible that there is malware (e.g., a spambot) on your computer, so that when you connect, there is a much higher data usage than you realize coming from your own computer.  This however is an unlikely possibility, and I mention it only to make sure that it is recognized as a possibility.


Good luck in clearing up this mystery.  Please do keep us posted on your results.