Data charges out of control with no help from Rogers

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Data charges out of control with no help from Rogers

Does anyone know the fastest way to get out of a Rogers contract??? I've had three months of HUGE data charges and after visiting two Rogers locations and calling in twice with +2 hours on the phone, there is no help addressing the problem, the bill, or my plan. I called today and selected the option for a call back, and I was called by a machine that made me enter '1' to indicate that I was there, and then the machine placed me on HOLD. The worst customer service ever! I have >$635 in charges when my usual bill was under $70 and my usage has not changed! I am not streaming anything, no apps sucking data, and do not take or send/view photos or video. I'm pretty much feeling like they can charge anything they want and just stonewall you on the phone! So if anyone knows how to get out of one of these contracts without spending two or more hours on the phone I would greatly appreciate it.


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Re: Data charges out of control with no help from Rogers

You havent mentioned what service you have?

Is this regular internet? or Cellular?

If its not cellular, there are not any contracts.. you can cancel at any time.

Only time if you were.. would be if you have an older one and got the contract BEFORE the no contract started.. or say a retention deal.