Data Usage - Torch 9800 vs Bold 9900

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Data Usage - Torch 9800 vs Bold 9900

I used to own the Curve over a year ago and then switched to the Torch when it came out. I was astonished to find out that the Torch uses 4-5x more data for the same daily use of the phone. I only noticed this when I went to the U.S. and bought a data roaming package. In the past, it would be enough to get 10-15MB for a week, but this past summer, I noticed my bill skyrocketed and I used 80MB in 9 days!!!

Has anyone else noticed that the Torch uses way more data, or is it just me?

Can anyone tell me if the new Bold uses less data than the Torch? I don't want to get killed on data whenever I travel.



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Re: Data Usage - Torch 9800 vs Bold 9900

Hi aldaimee and welcome to the forums,


The torch should use a similar amounts of data. The first thing I would check is 3rd party apps pulling information in the background. Are you receiving larger emails since the switch?


I recommend checking your device for 3rd party apps (Options->Device->Application Management) and doing a battery pull then monitoring it from there.

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Re: Data Usage - Torch 9800 vs Bold 9900

Your response was insufficient. You didnt tell them WHAT they should be looking for and WHAT to change. You simply said check the device for 3rd party apps. Tell them the WHY. Also... what does doing a battery pull have to do with anything.
Could you try breaking it down clearly? Maybe then you'll get a Accept as Solutions...u sure don't get a like for your answer. Sorry.. Fail.
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Re: Data Usage - Torch 9800 vs Bold 9900

@blakcard, RogersJean's answer was complete and right on the money.


You said the WHY of checking the 3rd party apps should be mentioned.  When I read RogersJean's reply, I see "....3rd party apps pulling information in the background."  That's WHY the user should check them.


Next, what does a battery pull have to do with anything?  It has a LOT to do with things.  When you pull the battery with the phone powered on, it clears the cache.  It also removes old references to apps that may have been deleted.  It also frees up memory so the phone has more brain power with which to work.


Have a look through the posts made by RogersJean; this is a poster who knows a thing or two about BlackBerry devices.


You certainly don't get a 'like' for your answer, either.  And as for your rude response to RogersJean, sorry....Fail!



(RogersJean, sorry for jumping in like that.  I have trouble sitting idly when such ignorance and stupidity are present.)  🙂

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Re: Data Usage - Torch 9800 vs Bold 9900

I have just had to upgrade to the 9900 due to my last blackberry failing (9700).   This device has been a really bad move.  


My data usage has gone from 10mb / month to 60mb.   I was told after hitting a 600$  data usage cost that RIM / Rogers setup the blackberry with a bunch of "extra cool gadgets" that are designed to suck data down without telling anyone.  So the map icon, feed icons, and appworld love to update stuff and are very very costly to have on your device.     I dont know what they do, but have had the shock of my life with my lastest bill (the first bill with this new device).     A very sad follow on to a reasonably good 9700.   


The other issue i am having is significant battery problems where consumption is at a rate about 3-4 times as fast.   I last about 1/2 day these days.   Very sad as need to bring travel charger wherever i go.  Sort of defeats the purpose of untethered.   And the other thing that has happened is sometimes on boot up i am getting black.   Nothing happens.     wait a 1/2 hour and try again.