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Data Overage

I've Been Around

I was reviewing my bill and noticed an overage for data the last two months I did not go back any further because for fear of ruining my day. I called Rogers Support in hopes of eliminating these charges in the future. I requested to have a feature initiated to have the phones not use data over the 4GB shared plan I currently purchase. There is no such feature available. The phones do have an app that you can check your usage for each phone. The responsibility is clearly on the Customer.  Rogers is in no way going to help you to eliminate a overage charge. It is another brilliant way for Rogers generate more revenue off lackadaisical customers like myself. Rogers does have great service and once you are in a contract with them it certainly seems hard to move to another provider…. I take my hat off to all the others who have.  I will continue on my merry way paying overage fees being lackadaisical and being an unhappy Rogers Customer like most…. Thank you CRTC for making it easy for Rogers to generate the overall revenue in the neighborhood of 3.24 Billion and not doing too much for the Customer…. Thank you Thank you Thank you…


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Re: Data Overage

Good day @vickytee & @aol,


Welcome to the Forums and Thank you for your posts.


We apologize for the poor experience and we would like to look into this further! 

We certainly understand the inconveniences of this situation. Since this issue seems particular to your account, we would have to reach out to you via PM.


I’m going to send you both a private message from @CommunityHelps, when you receive it please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.



Re: Data Overage

Hopefuly they can get it resolved for you.

Just as an understanding though.. the things the CRTC passed are not an MAXIMUM.

They are a cut off point.  Any carrier when it reached that $ value, should cut off the usage of that type till next billing cycle.
If you call in, or reply to the text i beleive, ALLLOWING it to continue, they are allowed to charge further.

Also, those rulings also apply only to regular, retail plans.  Any corporate, enterprise, etc plans do not fall under it.

Re: Data Overage

I've Been Here Awhile



Data overage charges are now going to cost $5/100MB on Rogers new Share Everything plans (previously $10/GB - $15/GB depending on the province). I feel this is NOT being fairly communicated to consumers because Rogers is hiding it in the extra fine print of the plan details. They failed to mention the change to me when I agreed to change my plan after preordering the iPhone 6s. When I noticed the fine print, I called Rogers and they said they can't give me my old plan back despite it being a share everything plan, as it is no longer part of the system. 

A coupled days ago my boss preordered the new iPhone on his business account and despite the rep assuring him that the price plan was the "same", when I prompted him to ask about overages, they then told him that it changed.

This is another reason why it is better to keep your old plan. If I just reserved my device, I would think I would be able to keep my old plan since it was a Share Everything plan. Sadly, I was caught in the frantic panic that Saturday Morning when the reservation showed no 6s except for rose gold.

Hopefully, those who were patient and waited for the reservation system are able to keep their plans...

Re: Data Overage



Your overage is billed in small pieces (100MB), so you won’t overpay when you go over your included data. Intercept will occur at the overage closest to $50 and not exceeding. (E.g. If the data overage rate is $5/100MB, the intercept needs to be sent before $50. When the Customer is 1GB over - $5 x 10 (100MB goes into 1GB 10 times) = $50 is when the Intercept will be sent. If the customer is sharing 2 lines, intercept will be sent at $100 = $50 x 2 lines
The great news is, we do offer the customer 2 great advantage of monitoring data usage.
To prevent any usage charges you can monitor your data usage on via MyRogers, or on the MyRogers App.
Also, all the lines that are part of the Share Everything plan will get the 75%, 100% notifications.



Re: Data Overage



That's exactly my point, 1 GB of data overage would have been only $10 under my past plan, now it would be $50! That's a 5x increase. If Rogers was really trying to care about the consumer, they would be charging $1/100MB, but i know that would NEVER HAPPEN. I see it as a price increase nonetheless.


Aside from that, my biggest complaint is that such a significant change to the plans is being hidden in the fine print and it was NOT mentioned to me when I preordered my iPhone (same goes to my boss who is on a business account). It also awfully coincidental that it coincides with the new iPhone launch and you are offering Spotify and Shomi that would encourage data use (although they work through wifi too). I suspect many people would be surprised on their first bill if nobody told them of the change. 

Re: Data Overage

I've Been Here Awhile

When you fine heaven on earth with a cell phone provider let us know.  They are all more or less the same.  Plus you are way to sensitive in my opinion to the providers comments.  Relax


Re: Data Overage

I've Been Here Awhile

Sorry I was trying to answer a much prior message.  Reading all of these and my own experience just makes me hate iphones and data charges.  Such an incredible waste of money and time on something people find is absolutely essenstial but never even existed such a few short years ago.


I was in Europe for the first time and it's exactly like here.  Hordes of people with their head down doing whatever they think is so vital on the iphone.


Sad reality.  If they could implant a message into the mind with a subliminal message which very well could be real - this world is getting scary.

Re: Data Overage

In many ways, I would have to agree with you.

About cells and how/what people in general use them.

People freak out, when there is even the tinyest service interuption.  "Service down for 1-2 hours?  I should get a whole days credit!  What would have happened if it was an emergency and I needed the phone?"

Go back 12+ years ago.. back when Analog only signals most of the time, no data, etc.  Maybe 1-2 out of 6 people had a phone if you were lucky?  Not everyone had them.
You would do like everyone else would.. pull over and use a phone at a store or something else, etc.


For personal use at least.. beyond the need to be able to make a call for emergencys sake (which I understand that many dont have a land line anymore, so hence why for emergencys sake is important).  MUCH of the other stuff.. is EXTRAS.  Its a nice to have, etc.. a luxury.  If you cant really afford it.. then its a luxury that could be cut out.

Re: Data Overage

I've Been Here Awhile

I have just received my Rogers bill and note an $85 data overage charge. My wife and I are on a share everything plan with 2.5 gb of data. We were over less then a gb and we are being charged $85?? We have never gone over before and this was an unusual circumstance as my wife was without wifi for a 10 day period. If we had the 5 gb it would cost us $15 a month more than what we are paying now. How does $85 for less than 1 gb more make any sense? How can I dispute this? I am a long time Rogers customer and am very upset!


Re: Data Overages

Hello @bigsy,


Thank you for posting.

The overage charge for data on Share Everything Plans is capped at $50/line accumulative to the account; a SMS alert advising the customer that the have reached the cap is also sent and data usage is blocked.


Also, if you notice you're going over your data and are in the middle of your billing cycle; you have the option to upgrade to the next data tier.


However, I definitely would like to help you and take a look into this more in depth. I will have @CommunityHelps contact you via private message. Please check your messages via the envelope icon once you click on your avatar, which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.




Re: Data Overage

I've Been Around

With their app it doesn’t take a genius to keep track of your usage and the responsibility shouldn’t be on them as a business it should be on the user. Simple solution, turn the data off on your phone and just use wifi when you are going to go over.

Re: Data Overages

I'm a Trusted Contributor

If its a first time issues - i'd call and see if they may be able to help... doesn't doesn't sound like exceed data would be on going thing for you guys so changing to 5g plan might not be an ongoing benefit for you... I'd maybe call and see if he can neg a 1st time  data overage charge and explain what happen... Maybe let them know your will to pay the 15.00 and see if they are willing to write the rest off...


Id position it to them in way that if you happen to exceed again then you may look into the 5g plan but advise how it was a one off... This may work it may not... But definalty worth a try....


Good luck and remember you can always track the current data usage, text, air time and lD @


Re: Data Overage

I'm already 200+mb over my data limited and I'm not on a share everything plan. What can I expect my charges to be. What are Rogers rate per mb for data overage? Because I don't want anyou surprises.

Re: Data Overage

Hard to say.  It varried based on plans.

Current share everythings, its about $15 for up to 1g over


Older plans were on different rates.

Re: Data Overage

I've Been Here Awhile
Absolutely. I got a Share Everything plan in August 2015, and the overage rate is on my contract as $10/GB. A month or so later I switched my plan from 5GB to 10GB. A few months later, I checked to see if switching back to the 5GB plan would be cost effective, and the overage rate at that time (~March 2016) was showing as $5/250MB. Now Rogers is telling me that my overage rate is $5/100MB, and they're trying to tell me that the overage rate has always been $5/100MB, and that we've always been at war with Eastasia.

I don't really mind what the overage rate is (although $50/GB is quite predatory), but it shouldn't be subject to change over the course of the contract, and outright lies about its history are troubling.

Re: Data Overage

Hi @votejack,


The overage rates will differ from plan to plan. Your Device term length will not affect the rates. If you are ever unsure of your overage rates, you can always reach out to @CommunityHelps and we can assist.


To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here


Thank you again for posting and welcome to the Community Forums!



Re: Data Overages

My data usage exceeds and then they temporarily hold my data plan.


When will my data plan will continue?


Re: Data Overages

I think its at a $ value overage that it does the cut off.

You can call in, to have them release the hold... BUT you will incur MORE $ charges as it goes more.

Otherwise, your data will reset whenever your billing cycle is complete.
For each user, that varries.

Re: Data Overages

Regarding: Unintentional Data Usage Costing $40 EXTRA, Nothing Can be Done (Apparently)


Hello Rogers,


We have unfortunately experienced yet another stressful situation with your company (yet again). My brother accidentally had his data turned on and used the entire 2Gigs (we share) over the course of two days (from November 4th to November 7th). It was accidental, and we have been customers for over 15 years, and yet the Rogers Chat Representative (Nadege) could not do anything for us. The only thing they said for us to do is to buy extra data. We have never gone over, and we have always been responsible and loyal Rogers customers. Now the bill has come in, and we are being charged $39.55 for going over our 2G limit by only 430mb- UNINTENTIONALLY, might I add!!! And there is apparently nothing that can be done? Apparently company loyalties mean nothing anymore. We are seriously considering to just pay the fees to break contract and leave Rogers for good. We cannot wait to be done with all of these money grab scams.


Frustrated "Loyal" Customers

Re: Data Overages

Unfortunately nothing much can be done by posting this here.


This post will show the proper way of escalating up higher, to the Office of the Prez if necessary.




As for your issue, data overage.. accidental or not.. does suck.. my wife goes over here ever few months and i am stuck paying it 😛
But it is the users responsibility.
But that pricing... that much for only that little?

Are you on a much older grandfathered plan??

Older plans, data overages used to be MUCH higher.
Newer ones.. the PLAN generally is more.. but the overages are much less... for up to 1g over is only $15

Re: Data Overage

I've Been Here Awhile

What is the data overage prices right now? Is there any change happened in 2016. I see that this thread is created in 2015?


Please update the overage charges in effect at the moment (Dec 2016).



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