Daily Recordings Not Working Properly This Week

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Re: Daily Recordings Not Working Properly This Coming Week.

I just noticed another blank in the web app grid, because it's on the same page. Mister Maker, 2:01 to 2:21 on TVO (Ch 2) is blank with no link, but shows on my TV IPG. Curious indeed.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Daily Recordings Not Working Properly This Coming Week.

It looks like the issue with daily recordings has been fixed for this week.  My scheduled recordings show appropriate recordings of "Daily Planet" and "Grand Designs" in the list of scheduled recordings.


However, when I go to Manage PVR via AnyPlace Web, there is nothing showing for the CBC timeslot tonight at 8PM (CBCHD 514), or CBCHD West 582 at 11PM, just a Blank Space.  I wanted to record "...And Then There Were None", but I had to go to my PVR to set up this recording, where the programme is shown.  Searching on the guide on AnyPlace Web also came up empty, just like the timeslot.


I noticed a number of other empty timeslots when I was looking around yesterday, but none of them affected me directly.  A timeslot should never be empty.


For those interested in "...And Then There Were None", I believe it's a 3-part miniseries. I have it set as a series recording.