DNS resolving issue, Outlook Anywhere couldn't be connected

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DNS resolving issue, Outlook Anywhere couldn't be connected

Dear Sir,


I'm IT personnel of a HK company. One of our senior executives lives in Canada and using Rogers as ISP at his home. Recently (just in these two weeks), his Outlook Anywhere at home couldn't be connected to our Exchange servers in HK.


We carried out many investigations and finally we remoted to his laptop for checking. We found that his laptop resolved our Exchange server internal hostname (cas.company.corp) to an internet ip address. The details are as following:


1. Our internal domain in HK office is company.corp (suffix is .corp)

2. Our external domain can be resolved correctly.

2. His laptop using as DNS server

3. When "ping cas.company.corp", it will return 66.xx.xx.xx (sorry that I didn't record the ip address)

4. When "nslookup -type=A cas.company.corp", it will return same above IP and tell that the domain exists. (however, when I nslookup by using other internet DNS servers as well as, no IP returned and the domain doesn't exist.)


Hence, he couldn't get connect the Outlook Anywhere. The workaround we made is adding the following entry in hosts file:

192.168.xx.xx  cas.company.corp


How can I contact your technical support for this issue? I don't want to bother our senior executive. May you contact me directly by email or let me know the contact method? I will provide you more information for investigation.


Thanks and regards,




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Re: DNS resolving issue, Outlook Anywhere couldn't be connected

If the google is not resolving it at all, and the rogers is resolving it to the WRONG address, it sounds more like a global DNS lookup issue.

That whoever is the host of that domain name, has not propogated it out properly to the other global DNS lookup servers.


We did have one issue with our Bell internet here at work, where there was some DNS entries associated still with the new IP we had received.  It took almost 6 months for them to be flushed from bell, and at our request.

I am not sure where you can do this through rogers.. and without having a rogers account may be difficult.. it might have to be something that stems from the person here in canada with the acount.

For now, the Hosts file change, is probably your best solution for the time being.

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Re: DNS resolving issue, Outlook Anywhere couldn't be connected



I think you forget that Rogers monetizes invalid DNS lookups, which is why the original poster is getting weird results on DNS lookups on invalid domains. Corp is not a TLD. If you tried to goto that address on a web browser, you would get a Rogers advertised search page attempting to give you search results based on the invalid domain given. 


The fix would be to reconfigure the client DNS to not use Rogers DNS servers that come on DHCP. I myself use and on my home router, so that all computers will avoid this issue. Rogers does have alternate DNS servers which does not monetize invalid domain lookups, but again you have to program those statically. I do not have the info on what those addresses are. 

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Re: DNS resolving issue, Outlook Anywhere couldn't be connected

Gdkitty and gisuck,


Thanks for your info.


Exactly what gisuck described, I have ping and nslookup to a abitrary non-existed domain name (aaa.nothisdomain.com) by using Rogers DNS, it also returned same IP (Rogers's server IP) as what I did on our .corp domain. 


Rogers hasn't awared on this issue? No one had compliant?