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DDOS Attack on my network?

I Plan to Stick Around

I know for a fact that my connection is being constantly ddosed to lag me out of games. The rogers tech team has NOT showed ANY support in this matter and refuses to change my ip. What do I need to do to get my ip changed?



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Re: DDOS Attack on my network?

I'm a Senior Advisor

There you go. Hopefully that will solve the issue.

Re: DDOS Attack on my network?

I just wanted to register so that I could put my 2 cents.


A DDOS attack is a legitimate problem that should be handled by an internet service provider, otherwise the victim can go to the police and have the police do your job for you.  (google cybercrime unit)


Now, the reason this ISP doesn't want to give him a new IP is because IPs cost money!

Your horrible service and attitude precedes even the finest of aspects about your fiber optic lines (if any) and your list of owned IP addresses.

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