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Cut off

So I have been with rogers since December, I have charges on my first bill I'd like to dispute. Sounds simple enough, started a live chat, didnt have my account number so was disconnected. I tried calling and talking to someone, after a few hours I finally figured out the right combination of keys to lead me to humans. After I finally got a hold of someone I was once again asked for the account number (still didnt, and don't know it), I told them I don't know and was hung up on. Now after 2 months of not paying (don't know how to pay it, thats why I was calling for month 2) I have been cut off and only have the option of going through the automated credit system. Guess what you need to make a payment, an account number. Im sure you can see the dilemma here.




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Re: Cut off

Hello @landr

When you first signed up with Rogers, they should have given you a email or operator copy of the contract which includes the account number. If you can pop into the store and give them your cellphone number and show them a piece of photo ID (Government, Health card does not count), they will be able to give u all that information.
Unfortunately without a account number or phone number reps over the phone can not help u.

@CommunityHelps can something be worked out? Thank u!
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Re: Cut off

And that you have received a bill??

The account number should be in the top corner of the bill as well.

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Re: Cut off

Hi @Ianbr,



Welcome to the Community!


If you do not have the account number, we can locate the number for you with other information. Since Community is a public platform I would recommend you to contact us via PM @CommunityHelps next time you're online. 


To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.


Hope to hear from you soon.