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Customer Service?

I called Rogers about an in-home security system. I was interested in being able to watch my home via my smartphone. I set up an appt and when the day came the tech called and said "I don't think you need our system. Just go to Canadian Tire and get audible door alarms to know if someone enters your place". It was My understanding the technican was going to come and check out my place and advise me what plans were available NOT blow me off over the phone.

Fine---no Rogers security system.

When I called to set up the appt for the security system the rep I spoke with asked me about my internet. I said "funny you should ask---my contract with Bell is up @ the end of March and I'll be looking for a new ISP".
She said "great! I'm making a note in your file and we will call by the end of March and let you know what deals we have on so that you are set up and ready to go when you're done with Bell and you don't miss a day of internet".
I was impressed by that promise. However my elation was's the 5th of April I have NO internet and have not received a call or email from Rogers reaching out to me to become a new customer.
I DID call them 3 times today but twice I got hung up on when they were transferring me and another time got tired of waiting for someone to take my call.

I guess Rogers isn't the only game in town for internet.


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Re: Customer Service?

Hello fotobug1968

Hmm first the rep that came over should have never said that seeing as you are asking about the Rogers in-home security. He does not have a word on what you need in your house. You should have told him that you want a quote on what it will cost / be if you want Rogers in-home security. I would have also called & complained about this.

Rogers reps tend to do this. The really do not write down anything on your account saying this. All they do is sometimes right a memo on their own accounts & post it for that date to call you. Most reps do not even do that but just lie to you. I just record the convo & make sure i get the reps name & make them write down a note on my account with the info they gave me & give me the Interaction number. This way i wont have to run into problems like this.

The dropped calls every single one of us have had this. Sometimes its the reps that do this because they do not want to transfer the call & Sometimes its just the system that does this.
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Re: Customer Service?

I agree... that first person that came out.. was just being LAZY and didnt want to come, etc..   Really in the end, its not up to them to descide who/what you want, its you. 


For the call backs.. i HAVE got callbacks once or twice, on some tech issues, but never from billing reps.  While if they SAY they are, they SHOULD, most of the time as meowmix said, they wont.... i just take it on myself, and give a call in myself.. if they say 2 days, no call by end of 2 days, i call myself. 

The rogers phone system... needs an overhaul, IMHO.  (i work with these types of phone systems.. and am actualy looking at buying a new one this year for my place of work).
Regularily.. there are dropped calls.  Some, yes are from reps, etc.  But some are also from the system.  The hangup click sound, is SLIGHTLY different on a disconect, vs a hangup, suprisingly 🙂
The system REGULARILY transfers stuff to the wrong department..  (that or the reps are just **bleep** and cant press the right numbers :P)

On tues... i was trying to call in from my work line.. no MATTER what, i wouldnt give me the promt for "this number or another number" just went to 3 choices.. none of which i wanted.. and to enter a postal code... did so.. never took it... then put me to the CREDIT department o.O.  Tried it 3 times.
Call from my cell, system worked at normal.


You are right.. Rogers isnt the only person in town.. and things like this, put a sour note in peoples mouths.. and wonder how companies get bad reputations 😞
If you do end up trying the rogers route, i would complain as meowmix said about all things that happend.. maybe they will give you a better deal for it. 
I am an owner of the home security from rogers.  It is a decent product and i have been happy with it, so far.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Customer Service?

Thanks for your replies.


I guess I am spoiled when it comes to Customer Service.

I have been a loyal customer of Shaw but have moved and my condo faces due north so I cannot use a satellite and had to go with cable  so I ended going withRogers for cable and landline as well.


I have NEVER experienced customer service like Shaw--phone answered on the first ring, no getting lost in a maze of press 1 for this or 2 for this. They will respond via phone or email (I work shift work so email is the most convient for me and that was NO problem. Each customer deals with the same rep so there is never an issue with one person telling you one thing and another telling you something different. Every phone call is followed up by an email confirming the details of the call and asking you to confirm that this is what you took from the interaction.


Like I say I guess I have been spoiled.