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Customer Service, Customer Relations

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Rogers Communications for outstanding lack of accessibility and customer service.  You are definitely at the top of your game when it comes to customer disservice!  I have been trying to get my spouse to stop doing business with Fido/Rogers since our first year with you after being enticed away from Bell.  Just thought I would drop in on the community forum to say goodbye.  I am sincerely impressed with the level of impenetrability and labyrinthine "help" processes you have managed to develop.  You would never have been my first coice and now - finally - you will no longer appear in my life at all anymore.  Please - no sales calls.


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Resident Expert
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Re: Customer Service, Customer Relations

Everyones view is different.  While some have had bad experinces.. even myself have had some bad tech support people.. in general my experiences have been posititve.  My service itself has been great, and ever time i have called into customer support, they have been helpful, able to help me switch/change things, and even helped me find better plans to save money.

But again, everyones experinces are different, and who you talk to, can make all the difference.

Good luck with whatever provider your futuer brings you, hopefuly you get a better experience there.

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Re: Customer Service, Customer Relations

I see msg like this everywhere TW2012, people dislike something and they wave bye bye etc. The commonly issues ive experience is customer service. I never had problem with any customer service before with any Company even with Auto-Insurance.

YOu talk to them nice they will be nice back, if you trash talk or bully talk they do the same back to you. Thats fair, i dont see the wrong here. respect people, people will respect you back thats all.

Things gottta be consistent, you talk to boyz on the street or gangsters you be like 'Waddup dawg sup fool or whats up yo"

You talk to Educated people, you be like hi how are you today tonite or whatever, its a nice day etc..when are we getting pay lol

In general, no matter what you calm down someone if they are angry or mad, you dont burn up with more fire, eventually you both get the wrong point.
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Re: Customer Service, Customer Relations

Randy, you sound like a nce guy, probably Rogers can learn a thing or two from you. Lets be honest here and I bet if yo pose the question of customer service to 100 Rogers customer, If rogers can get a 50/50 split rogers wold have more loyal cutomers like yourself. HOPE IT STAYS THAT WAY FOR YOU....LOL....just saying.