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Credit Applied To Wrong Account

I've Been Here Awhile

I was instructed by the RogersHelps user on Reddit to come here.


I've had an unfortunate experience with Rogers lately that I'm hoping you can help solve.


I cancelled a service but re-engaged with you a few days later when you gave me a great offer on internet. However, my new account was credited the remaining balance of my old account, such that I now have to pay the remaining balance of the old account, for service that I specifically cancelled. I've contacted the live chat help on your website but they could not help me. They insisted that this is not a mistake on Rogers' part since a credit was issued.


From my perspective, I am being asked to pay a lump sum of $155 for a credit to my new account that will pay the bill for the next few months, as opposed to paying the reasonable bill that I signed up for. It is ridiculous for your agent to suggest that this is not a mistake and that I have to pony up and pay, he even suggested I can contact your credit department to get on a payment plan if I can't pay it. I am not trying to cheat Rogers out of anything, I don't want any credit on my new service, I just want my old account balance to be wiped out so I can pay my monthly bill as normal.


I have already spent over 2 hours of my time cancelling my old service and making sure I took care of my account balance and setting up a new service, I am really frustrated that it has to take so much effort to complete such simple admin tasks for my account.


Please help me. I'm starting to get daily automated calls from you guys presumably about collection.




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Re: Credit Applied To Wrong Account


Good evening @jcccc,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post.


We've reached out to you via PM from CommunityHelps. Please respond to the message at your earliest convenience. If you're not familiar with our private message system, please refer to the "To read and reply to a Private Message:" section on our blog here


Looking forward to hearing from you.






Re: Credit Applied To Wrong Account

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@jcccc :  I'm hoping that "Community Helps" can assist you in this matter, however, if you had a balance owing at the time you cancelled your account, how can you expect not to pay that balance owing, or am I reading this incorrectly?


Or did they bill you for something "after" the cancellation? 


I'm also assuming that you mean "debit" instead of "credit", since a "credit" would mean you pay less...

Re: Credit Applied To Wrong Account

I've Been Here Awhile
I canceled my service, paid the prorated balance for 10 days of service on the billing cycle.
Then I received a bill for the remainder of the bill, which is for 20 days of service I did not receive.
Then I was told an amount equal to this remaining balance had been credited to my new account, so I have a credit on my new account, while at the same time I owe an equal amount on the old account.

Re: Credit Applied To Wrong Account

I'm a Senior Advisor

First of all, I did not know Rogers charged a prorated amount if you cancel in the middle of a billing period, but I'll go along with that. So you cancelled 10 days in and paid for 10 days.  Did Rogers actually charge the old account owner for 30 days and then credited the new account owner for 20 days when you opened a new account? 

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