Creating static IP on Hiltron CGN3ROG?

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Creating static IP on Hiltron CGN3ROG?

I've seen few other posts on this so I'll keep this short as to why my situation is different.


I need to create a static IP address for my Hiltron CGN3ROG because of an issue I'm having an issue with a third party app on my Roku 3 that needs to be setup this way. 


It doesn't appear that I'm able to create a static IP address using the the default


So my next thought was trying some third party software like PortForward Network Utilities, which allows me to create a static IP for my router.  My problem is, whenever I try to create a static IP address I want, the internet connection goes south and I can't connect to the internet. When I use their default static IP suggestions, I can connect to the internet but the region problem still exists on Netflix.


I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows of  a way to create a static IP for the Hiltron CGN3ROG or if they know of the best software to do so. 


Lastly I know someone will suggest trying to change the "devices" IP, but from what I've read I don't think that's an option. I need to do this from the router level. 


Any suggestions would be great. Thank you! 



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Re: Creating static IP on Hiltron CGN3ROG?

Just so i understand right..


You need your EXTERNAL IP address, to not change?


Or a specific DEVICE on your  network?


Maybe if you explained a little better on what you were trying to do?

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Creating static IP on Hiltron CGN3ROG?

Sorry I'll be as specific as I can get. 


Basically of firmware version 5.4, Roku has added Google DNS server as a hard coded secondary DNS. This has resulted in me being unable to switch Netflix regions on my Roku 3. 


The only way to fix this is to make some changes to my router settings, however I can't seem to find a "static routing" option on the Hitron CGN3ROG. So I've opted to use a third party software like PortForward Network Utilities. However when I setup the static IP to what they've suggested, it doesn't connect to the internet and it doesn't solve my problem.


There is a guide on how to set this up (below) But as you can see my router is not listed so I've been winging it in terms of what I need to setup for a static IP address. Make sense?


Just wondering if there is a way to setup a static IP address with the Hitron CGN3ROG that I'm missing OR if there is some third party software that I'm missing that would get the job done.


Appreciate you taking the time to answer my question



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Resident Expert
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Re: Creating static IP on Hiltron CGN3ROG?

Ah, ok.

I see what its trying to do.. its creating a false route statement, so that when it TRIED the google DNS, its FAILING and then reverting to the main DNS, which is your 'other region' DNS.


Yeah.. unfotunately, with the CGN3.. you cant do it 😞
The CGN3, router portion of it.. is about on par, with your LOWER END wireless routers ($30-40 range).. which tend to not have those functions either 😞


While not necessarily what you wanted to do.. one of the only solutions, might be to BRIDGE the router, making it into a modem only, and using a 3rd party router, which DOES have the capabilities of setting the the DNS fully, and doing the route statements.

(this generally overall, would give better wireless performance, etc as well anyways)

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Re: Creating static IP on Hiltron CGN3ROG?

Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. I may look into that option but that's a ton of work just for one simple thing. If I have the patience I may go that route haha! 

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Resident Expert
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Re: Creating static IP on Hiltron CGN3ROG?

Well, other than the COST.. its just the same amount of work, as you would have to do IF the CGN3 was capable.

while it SEEMS like a simple thing.. its something that MOST users, would never have to do.
it's more of a semi-advanced function..

And like i said, alot of the BASIC home grade stuff doesnt always have it.


If you can afford it, i think you would see an all around better wireless performance anways 🙂

(the CGN3... is a GREAT modem portion... the ROUTER/WIRELESS part of it.. is just kinda MEH)

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