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CraveTV/HBO List

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How do I create a list on CraveTV or HBO? Currently nothing I have found nothing that works. The list I have created online doesnt show on the TV (on demand app)



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Re: CraveTV/HBO List

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @Linda314!


Adding things to the "My List" feature is a great way to keep track of everything you want to watch on Crave!


If you open the Crave application there should be a + option next to the show name when you select a show. This won't occur though if you select an episode. To my knowledge this functionality should be available within each app across all platforms however I haven't had the opportunity to test it myself.


Let us know if this isn't showing up for you! A photo of what you're seeing could also go a long way to assisting :).



Re: CraveTV/HBO List

And what would you have to say to someone who is not accessing Crave through an app, but by her NextBox remote?

Re: CraveTV/HBO List

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"To create your playlist, select a video you wish to add and press the FAV button. Videos will be played in the order they are added."

Found this when I went to the Crave VOD section, and hit "B" for "Show Playlist"

Re: CraveTV/HBO List

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Crave HBO and Rogers Movie and TV Listings Completely Useless - Is There An Alternative?


The info available through either the Crave or Crave + HBO channel is utterly useless.  I wanted to know if anyone else has identified an alternative service?  


A few examples.  The "just added" list under Crave is not the same as under Crave / HBO.  I often need to scroll through multiple choices ("just added" or "tv series" under both Crave and Crave HBO) to find the program I am looking for.  Most obviously "just added" is not in fact "just added" at all: things stay on the "just added" list for months or even years; I need to scroll through dozens and dozens of things that have been on there forever to try and see if there is actually anything new; it is certainly not "just added THIS WEEK" or even "THIS MONTH". A lot of "just added" movies are actually old South Park episodes.


The whole system is basically useless.  I appreciate they contract out but presumably they could hire an intern to produce a list of what has actually been just added this week, reconcile the Crave and Crave / HBO menus, make sure movies are actually movies etc. and just manually fix this...


Clearly they have no actual interest in doing this though so I'm wondering if there is a site that actually provides this info?  I tried googling it but just got a bunch of generic sites about Rogers and Crave and HBO. 



Re: CraveTV/HBO List

Yes I agree. Also it's just not user-friendly overall for things like "Continue Watching" when you've stopped sometime in the midst of viewing a show or movie. Going back to it is not easy to find. I watched a Season 1 of some drama I really enjoyed and knew there was a Season 2 in Crave, but it never popped up as "next" or suggested! I had to hunt -- and hunt -- for it, scroll scroll scroll past a ton of shows listed that made it more frustrating. The Navigator is painfully slow to type in a long title, and even when you have the full title spelled out the "suggestions" or "finds" from the Navigator search have many titles not just the one typed out. What gives with that? There is clearly a lot of room for improvement. Why not design it as easy as Netflix? (Even Netflix could improve, but it's miles ahead of Crave on this issue of programming resources and lists etc).

Re: CraveTV/HBO List

I agree the Crave selection system is not updated. We wanted to watch The Flight Attendant and it did not even show up in the list of available films or shows. However, as a last resort we used the star search button and started typing in the title one letter at a time...and voila it showed up? How many other good shows are not even showing up in the Crave or Crave/HBO selection lists?

Re: CraveTV/HBO List

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I have often found that relatively new programming can sometimes be found near the top or bottom of the lists.   Eventually it may end up in proper alphabetical order, sometimes with our without "The" which can also make finding things a challenge.


Just as a test I went to Channel 309 (Crave OD) and went to "Just added - Series - and The Flight Attendant was second from the bottom, so it is there.

Re: CraveTV/HBO List

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How do you delete items you have added to a play list?

Re: CraveTV/HBO List

Hello @Synn!


Welcome to the community and great first post! 😊


To delete a program from one of your Favourite's lists, please see below:


- Using your Voice remote, press the ROGERS button and go to SAVED > PLAYLISTS

- Select your Favourite's list

- Highlight the program that you wish to delete

- Press the INFO button on your Voice remote



You're all done! Repeat the steps above to remove more programs from your favourite's list if you wish. I hope this helps! 



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