Corporate account 3 year contract still?

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Corporate account 3 year contract still?

So I'm STILL waiting for my iphone 5s gold 32gb, even though I ordered back in September 21.

I just noticed when I logged into the Rogers NRS that my term went from a 2 year from 3 year.

I spoke to this customer relations rep named Ali advising that it has always been 3 years and there is no way that I signed up for a 2 year term.


I'm pretty sure that I was going to pay $329.00 but just noticed that it went down to $309.00 and I think that's the reason why.


Can anyone verify that?


Also what a terrible experience this rogers NRS reservation system has been. 


I've been to 3 different stores that has the phone in stock and they couldn't do anything for me because I have a corporate account.


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Re: Corporate account 3 year contract still?

Hello krosfyah01.

I made a huge thread about the iPhone reservations. Anyways business customers can go into any future shop or Best buy and get the Phone from them or any Rogers authorized dealer. This is the only way to get it. Sadly Rogers stores won't do it.

Second as for the 3 year term. As of December 2nd, you will get the 2 year terms. They will be changing it tomorrow with the new law coming out. Yes some business accounts are able to get 2 year terms a bit early.