Corporate Reservation

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Corporate Reservation

@ggghhv  @mmj33


would you mind posting what model and reservation # you guys have so we will have a better idea when to expect ours.



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Corporate Reservation

Region: Richmond Hil, ON

Order placed: 9/21/2012

Model: iPhone 5 16GB White

Reservation spot: #895 out of 1929

Order Status: In progress(Pre Fulfillment)


I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 26

Re: Corporate Reservation

Just so you all know!!!

16 GB Black
after traveling from #397
down to 331 yesterday
i was sent to activation yesterday
10 minutes ago i was sent an email saying SHIPPED!!!!
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Corporate Reservation

134 of 3612 for 16GB Black.


Ordered - 9/14/2012 10:34:08 AM

In progress(Activation) - 10/4/2012 3:08:10 PM

Shipped-Closed - 10/5/2012 1:08:47 PM


I imagine I will get it Tuesday.  Unless by some miracle Rogers sprung for Saturday shipping.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Corporate Reservation

@leethc - 409 out of 3613    16GB Black 

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Corporate Reservation

Yup, just got my shipping email also. Rogers is obviously busting their **bleep** to make sure they don't have to shell out tons of cash. Seems kind of a **bleep** move to me to treat their business customers this way.


I was mid-400's yesterday. Moved a bit this morning.


Anyway, I'll keep this experience in mind next time my contract renewal comes up. 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Corporate Reservation

Yay! I had a feeling there would be a lot of movement today, to try and avoid the 50 dollar credit!
I moved about a hundred spots today, which is way more than the 10-20 drop I usually see.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Corporate Reservation

Has anyone who has just received shipped status been able to get their tracking number to work on UPS?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Corporate Reservation


Please DO NOT change the subject line.. leave it is it was before.

Also UPS is known not to show status for another few hours. Wait until later on tonight. It will update then.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Corporate Reservation


200 Minutes (Nationwide)
Unlimited Family Calling
Unlimited Evenings & Weekends (Nationwide)
Unlimited picture & text messaging
MY10 equivalent (Nationwide)
6GB LTE data
Caller ID, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, etc
Visual Voice Mail (iPhone)
Activation Credit
First Month Free
Unlimited Calling First Month
+ other credits, forgot which ones

All for $60 with no other fees (except tax).

My current Rogers plan I pay $66 and don't have nationwide evenings & weekends, no family calling, not sure about visual voice mail (does Rogers have this, or is it an extra pay thing?), I had to get a value pack to get caller ID, etc...


BTW, spreadsheet will be ready in a bit