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Re: Corporate Reservation



I was reading some of the older posts. and one business customer said that when he ordered via phone. the rep told him/her that they will call him to confirm shipment details etc.


I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Corporate Reservation

it's tru that we are low priority customers.


i ordered mine before my cousin who is regular consumer. she was 2000 + in line on sunday. now she just texted me moments ago as her iphone 5 has arrived in the rogers store. like seriously. i ordered before her and i am #401 in business.


Smiley Sad

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Corporate Reservation

This is the most frustrating phone buying experience I have ever gone through.  Somehow Rogers managed to turn a joyful thing into an unfair, irritating, and frustrating hassle without providing ANY explanation as to why they chose to make things the way they are.

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Re: Corporate Reservation

Whoever made the decision to deprioritize business customers deserves to be fired. Per person revenue of the ppl on this page is for sure far higher than the average consumer. It just adds insult to injury when customer service reps play dumb. 


How many people have actually gotten their phones on this thread?? Anyone??

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Re: Corporate Reservation


My girlfriend reserved hers from the Business reservation list. She got hers a few days ago.
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Re: Corporate Reservation

Yup I dont mind waiting a few business days but just dont get the fact when I order on the first day of the iphone5 and almost a week later still says " In progress(Pre Fulfillment)" still has not changed . Make matters alittle more frausted is a buddie of mine called on the following Tuesday's and rogers acutally called him today saying hes iphone was ready to be picked up lol Smiley Mad

 so did anybody get there phone yet?????????????????? im #346 on the list whatever that means

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Re: Corporate Reservation

please dont hat rogers! its not there fault its apples. they are giving out low amount off iphone to every carrier! also rogers and fido share the stock so rogers get even less then what apple gave. so hate apple for not giving enough not rogers!

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Re: Corporate Reservation

I am having the same problem I pre ordered on the 14th and no status change since. I looked into the thread from the 4s last year for corporate business reservations and they had the same problem. looks like it took them about a month before people started receiving phones or even a shipping update.

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Re: Corporate Reservation

Can someone please answer a question?


I upgraded to an iphone 5 16 GB, and my order details states that I have to pay full retail for the phone which is $699.

When I was talking to the agent she said I can get it for $179.


Here is what is displayed on RESERVATIONS section when I log in Rogers Business NRS:


Manufacturer: Apple

Model: iphone 5 16 GB White

SUBTOTAL COST: $699 <------------------------?

TAX: $83.88 <----------------------------?

TOTAL COST: $782.88 <--------------------------?


CTN: ________

Price Plan: blank

Pre-HUP Fee: $0.00

Renewal Term: 3 years

Data SOC: CON3420MB

Cost: $699.00 <-----------------------??

SIM Required: Yes


Does anyone have the same thing? Does this mean that I have to pay full retail for an upgrade? The agent said I can get it for $179? I'm so confused Smiley Sad.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Corporate Reservation

Ya you better call Rogers back mine doesn't have that amount. Mine just has the upgrade fee of $179.99 

Oh well I guess alot of customers are getting the $50 credit soon.