Constantly Disconnecting, support told me no fix.... Help?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Constantly Disconnecting, support told me no fix.... Help?

We could go on and on about what the problem is and some very well could be an issue at home but most is Rogers.  I have had them out here and it has been checked time and time again until finally one tech called into another higher up tech on speakerphone and I heard the guy say Im not the only one and there has been allot of complaints just in my area.  So a ticket was open and like always the ticket is closed by who knows as its not the first time and when I ask they say not enough info.  My god the tech made sure he got every bit of info he could as the higher up tech who does all the work on the nodes and switches said this would happen.  Well sure enough mine dropped out  and at the same time my friend in the next town had the same and now like usual we are getting slow speeds and drop outs.  I guess if you listen to Rogers or some on here it must all be us and we all have the same problem.  OMG wake up if a tech comes out and does not fine any problems then it has to be in the network and a Rogers problem and seeing how many of us have this same issue I hardly think its all us.  Ive beem a tech myself for many years and yes a computer repair tech and I troubleshoot before I call and I only use the best as I also am an online gamer so dont tell me the problem is here when I know its not and the techs they send out know its not yet does it get fixed no they open a ticket and then close it every time. 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Constantly Disconnecting, support told me no fix.... Help?

I have the exact same thing.  A tech coming Sunday to look at it.


I hope I don't have to switch to Bell for everything.  As of right now my family pays rogers over 500 a month for everything.