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Constant problems, everyone I talk to says something different

I've Been Here Awhile

I've been with rogers for a while now, and I've been using an old iphone that used to be my mom's, so it is fairly old. 2 days ago it stopped working, so I went onto live chat to ask how exactly I go about getting a new phone and whether I have to do it through rogers, because I am not sure about anything to do with this process.


The person on live chat told me I am probably eligible for an upgrade, and to call in. So I did, and the person on the phone said I am certainly eligible for an upgrade, and he said that I would go through the loyalty department and agree to something like a 2-year loyalty deal and conversely have 500$ taken off the price of a phone. I said fine, but before he transferred me to loyalty he noticed that I am technically on a "corporate" plan, although he mentioned it did not affect my plan, but it was a technical thing, so I would have to go through business.


I asked what that meant, and he told me since I work for BC healthcare, I am on their corporate plan. I don't work for BC healthcare and never have, so I told him this, and he transferred me to business. I said the same thing to the person in the business department, and she told me she removed it from my account, but the time in Toronto was too late to be transferred to loyalty to deal with setting up an upgrade, so I would have to call back tomorrow.


I called back the next day and again and was transferred to loyalty, and spoke about upgrade plans. I was told my plan wasn't eligible for a $500 price discount because I was not paying enough per month. I said that was fine, and asked what sort of discount, if any, I was eligible for so that I can price out a new phone based off of that. She told me I was eligible for a $50 discount and listed the phones that discount was eligible for. I wrote them down and said I would look at them and decide which I wanted, and call back.


Once I called back and asked for the phone I wanted, I was told again that the BC healthcare "corporate" plan was still attached to my account. I told him not only have I never worked at BC healthcare ever, but that was supposed to be already removed by someone in business. He then told me he removed it, and that it was gone. After that he looked further into my plan and told me I was actually not eligible for any sort of discount, contrary to what I was told earlier. He said I was paying $40 a month, which is far more than I was under the impression I was paying.


I said my plan should be about 25$ a month actually, and he said that it was $40 a month because of a US texting plan that I added in July. In July however, I went on rogers live chat and inquired about adding a US texting plan for **only one month**. I made it extremely clear that I wanted only one month of it, and I even explained the reason why I wanted one month. The person I spoke to on there told me he could add **only one month** of US texting to my plan for $15 (I think). I said that was fine. Prior to this however, there was another misunderstanding that resulted in me overpaying my bill by a fair bit. So due to this, I wasn't paying my bill for a while at the time, because it was paying for itself, because Rogers technically owed me money due to my overpaying.


So I now learn that this US texting plan that was supposed to (and clearly stated to be) only one month was actually left on until the time that I called in, and I wasn't aware of it because I wasn't paying my bills for a time because they were paying themselves. Yes, I should have looked at my bill anyway clearly, but I assumed that the word would be kept that it was one month, so I didn't concern myself with it.


The person I was still on the phone to apologized, and said he removed the $15 US texting plan, and I am now paying $25 a month, or whatever it should have been. I said thank you, and I would go look around for phones that I will buy manually without a discount.


After that I went onto rogers live chat and explained the problem with the $15 US texting plan being left on there even though being clearly stated for only one month and that was it. The person on there told me not only was the US texting not removed despite my being told it was, but the BC healthcare corporate plan was still on my account. (despite being told it was removed twice).


She went on to say that she could not remove the US texting plan(that I added myself manually) because I am now changing out of this corporate plan that I am sure I was never supposed to be on, so I have to pick an entirely new plan. Along with this, she heavily implied that I knew the entire time that I was on this corporate plan fraudulently, and also that I was getting a discount from it. (I was told on the phone both times that this being attached to my account did not affect it at all in this way, and was only technical). She even said something like "This was attached to your invoice every time, and yet you did not call to remove it once." Yes well when I get an invoiced bill, I do not read over all of the fine print. I simply look at the dollar amount, read anything that is nearby it, and pay it off. This was not in clear sight at all, and even if it was, I would not understand what it meant, unless it said something like "You are on a corporate discount because you work at BC healthcare, right"


I wondered to her why I would have purposefully ignored this and continued with my fraudulent discount and then immediately make it clear on the phone that I do not work for BC healthcare and should be on any corporate plan as soon as it was mentioned to me, but she did not really give me an answer.



All in all I just want to know what is going on with my account, and if it is in any way possible to get any of the money I lost (90$ I think) on the US texting plan that was mistakenly left on my account for months after I made it clear I wanted only one month. As well, if I hadn't gone on rogers chat to ask about this, the exact same problem would have continued, because the person on the phone told me he removed the texting plan and I was now paying my normal amount, when in reality this was not true.



Thank you for reading if you read this far

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Re: Constant problems, everyone I talk to says something different

I'm an Enthusiast

best thing to do is go in the store and tell them you want a $0 phone on a 2year plan. and that you want the for on a personal account . since your a roger user already they probably wont turn you away for a contract. just go get a new phone on a personal account and throw the old iphone away. the iPhone 5c is $0 right now till Dec 2nd i belive

Re: Constant problems, everyone I talk to says something different

I've Been Here Awhile

the thing is I want to keep my plan for the most part, I want only the basic texting/calling since I don't do all that much on my phone other than that.


For something like that I need to be paying far more per month to get that sort of discount, right?

Re: Constant problems, everyone I talk to says something different

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
On most smart phones, to get the subsidy, you need to have a higher monthly plan, usually with data.
(Likely due to the fact that while yes you can use it without data easy enough, all it takes is one click on a notification to be on a data day pass and pay ALOT for it)

Best way if you want to keep your existing plan as is at the price it is, is to buy a phone outright, no contract, full price, then there are no restrictions.

You could buy a used one as well, just make sure its Rogers or unlocked.
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