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Connection Drops

I've Been Around

Weird problem. About 3 weeks ago this started happening. No issues previously. While playing SW:TOR, my fps would suddenly drop to almost 0(not completely lost but very very slow). At the same time, all the computers on my network would lose their browser connections. This happens every hour exactly. First started to happen at the x:29 minute of the hour. Then I shutdown the network and powered off the router for a period of time and checked again. Same thing happened across the network but a different time now, still exactly every hour at x:40 minutes. It only seems to affect the browsing function. Streaming audio/video and data downloads continue uninterrupted while the event is occurring. If I ctrl-alt-del and run task manager, when this happens, it shows the game as not responding. Once I end it, and restart the game, it runs fine for another hour. As well, all the browsers on other machines immediately start to run fine after this as well. Some computer engineering friends at my work have suggested there is something up with my router. Any ideas people?


I'm running vista 64 sp2 on my main machine and xp pro sp3 on two other machines. My smartphone also loses connectivity during the event while connected to the network wirelessly. My router is a SMCD3GN-RRR, software version, hardware version 1B.


note: even when i'm not gaming, the event is still happening at the same regular interval. It is the fps drop that obviously made me aware that something is wrong.



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Re: Connection Drops

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

It is the ROUTER which is doing this.

These drops seem to be triggered by one of two things..

A) the wireless on this device... if ANYTHING may be connecting to the can cause the dropout on the WHOLE modem and effect everyone.  If you can try not connecting anything wireless to it.. and see if that fixes the dropout issue.

B) Its something in the way the gateway does its renewal.. every hour, and seems to FAIL.
MOST poeple have had luck fixing this, by putting their gateway into BRIDGED mode.. it effectively turns it into a MODEM only (no wireless, etc).  You can then add a 3rd party wireless router onto it.. and it seems to be able to work fine.  This would also usually improve wireless range.

Re: Connection Drops

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I see there are a few posts concerning this but I'm adding my two cents since people have to know what others are experiencing...


I came to the forums looking for answers as to why my Rogers'  Internet connection has REALLY slowed down over the last months. About six months ago I upgraded to one of their fastest packages with unlimited useage, Hi-Speed Extreme Plus, (now I see they've yet again changed their package names!) with what was supposed to be d/l speeds of up to 150mbs. There could be two computers, an iPad and Netflix running in the house all at the same time and until a month ago I was very happy with very fast d/l speeds and no dropped connections.... NOW, however, all I seem to get are VERY slow sppeds and dropped connections. Speed tests (Rogers and other sites) confirm my average d/l speed is now UNDER 20 MBS!!!


I've tried modem and computer re-starts to no avail.


Going off now to try and find out more info and then beat myself to death while I try and deal with customer service.