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I Plan to Stick Around
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Connecting under Linux

I have an older laptop that has XP/Pro on it.  The support for XP will be dropped soon and Internet Explorer will stay at IE8 on XP, which has a myriad of security issues associated with it.   I was looking at using this laptop under Ubuntu next year.  I currently have a Rogers Mobile Internet dongle which works on XP, Vista and W7.   This laptop can not be upgraded to Vista or W7.  It has a 40GB HD and  USB1.0 ports.  It iwould be good for just emai.  If it were invaded by nternet thugs there would be nothing of value for them to get their hands on. 


In order to use Ubuntu online do I need to keep XP installed on this laptop?    I could go for a dual boot if that is the best way to go (i.e.   do I need XP there for Rogers to work under Linux?) .  I would prefer to nuke XP if the Rogers donlge works under Linux.



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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Connecting under Linux

Nothing would prevent you from being able to access the internet on Ubuntu. The only trouble you'd run into if you tried to run win32 programs, but this will not affect your ability to use the internet in any way.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Connecting under Linux

Tnx RandomZero for the response. Will the Communications Manager that comes with the dongle work under Ubuntu, or will I have to setup network definitions for the dongle under Ubuntu Network Services?
I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 19

Re: Connecting under Linux

I have nuked XP on my laptop and installed Ubuntu 11.10.   


Ubuntu has a Network setup wizard that provides for all types of connections including both Wireless and Broadband Mobile. The ZTE dongle is seen by both wireless and Broadband, so I chose Bandwidth Mobile. The config is automatically transferred from the dongle and there is a drop down menu where you select Rogers. No tech skills are required to get it set up, however ttere are 2 questions on the wizard that need to be addressed:..


1. APN Name:  the default is ''  which I believe is correct for the red stick. An incorrect answer here may incur additional ISP charges  

2. Roaming allowed outside your area:  the default is 'yes'.  I changed this to 'no'    (this I was not sure about at all).


The Connection Manager does not appear at startup, nor does it to make an appearance on the desktop. There is no Rogers icon to open.  A generic wireless icon appears on the task bar which can be opened with a right click of the mouse. Tick marks indicate ZTE/HSPA+  as being either connected or disconnected. The connection manager does not reveal itself. I do not think it gets installed.  There are bars to indicate the strength of the connection included with the generic icon. 


Well that is it.  Gettiing online was a snap.  

Anyone with any suggestions concerning the 'roaming' question ?  Was 'no' the right answer? 

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Connecting under Linux

"No" is a good answer if you don't want it to jump over to another provider insead of Rogers. Unlike long distance charges, data doesn't appear to have long distance. So roaming in this case seems to be just when you connect to another carrier other than Rogers.

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