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Confused names

When I got Rogers TV I got the VIP Package (part of a promo), now, on my bill it says Basic Cable-Cable Plus Select. My total Cable TV bill is $63.42. Now ,what is Cable Plus Select for $17.24? Also, on my Online Rogers Bill ;

Account Number: n/a 

Cable Plus Select 
Over 300 channels including: 

Digital Box

Reset Digital Box
Re-authorize Digital Box
Add a box
Reset Digital PIN
Key Features
Digital quality picture and sound, Access to Rogers On Demand, 40 digital music channels, Parental Control feature.


In addition, is the' "2-outlets"  for my existing Cable TV and my Internet? Does my Cable Package (what-ever it is) come with 1 or 2...etc. free additional outlets? Also , does Rogers still charge $60.00 for a service call?



New Brunswick 



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Re: Confused names

its because you have a grandfathered cable package. there is a new digital vip package, its basically the same in price, but offers more channels and more outlets, and even the rental of stb included, so it would be best to migrate to that package to have a more "in-market" plan

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Re: Confused names

Question was answered some-what but Rogers website does not show Cable Plus Select with any price listing.Also the outlet question was not answered.

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Re: Confused names

What Pauly was saying is that you have a grandfathered plan that no longer exists. Since it no longer exists, it will not appear on the Rogers Website, since the Website only shows current plans. I believe that the number of outlets included are for Cable only and does not include Internet. Under current VIP cable packages, you are allowed 4 outlets. I also think that the service call fee is now $50.

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Re: Confused names

And  you should not be charged anything, as long as they are not doing any work to remove stuff YOU might ahve added to cause problems with signal, etc.

IE.. you have 4 ports wired in your house.. but only two are connected to rogers.. should cost you NOTHING for them to come out and connect them for you.   they WONT run wires in your house for you though, etc.