Combining First Rewards Points

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Combining First Rewards Points

Is there a way to combine the points accumulated between my internet account and my wireless account? I have enough to cobine to just over 10,000pts to be able to redeem a certain item before the program expires. Is this possible?

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Re: Combining First Rewards Points

Hello @Cipher002

Unfortunately from what I know that can not be done unless they are all under one account number.
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Re: Combining First Rewards Points

Hi @Cipher002@Meowmix is correct,


To combine the points accumulated between your Internet account and wireless account, you'll need to combine your cable Internet and wireless accounts onto one bill. This is known as Account Consolidation, your new One Bill will replace your previous cable bill cycle, bill frequency, billing address and method of payment.


  • You'll see prorated charges on your invoice after the accounts are consolidated.
  • Cable balance transfer (if applicable):
  • This is the balance on your cable account at the time of the account consolidation.
    • It will show on page 3 of your invoice under the heading Cable Balance Transfer.
    • Includes previously billed charges only.
  • You'll need to make all future payments to your new account number.
    • Any Internet or telephone banking payments must be made to Rogers Wireless as the payee:
    • Change to the new 9 digit account number without spaces or dashes 


Hope this helps,



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Re: Combining First Rewards Points

If this is done do the current points carry over??? I know no more rogers points are being accumlated...


Im shy 101 points to the reward I want - if i transfer my serv to my Boy Friends acct my pionts  WILL Tranfers to his account as well?  cause then we would have enough points together for the reward I was hoping for....

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Re: Combining First Rewards Points

Hi @jkroesen


Thanks for posting!


As RogersArthur mentioned above, the services would need to be combined on to one bill. This can be completed by doing a transfer of responsibility in your case for your account.


Let us know if you have any other questions!