Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator


I have no parental controls enabled.

Based on the statement from Rogers that the CC problem effects only recorded programs is not true.

The problem may be more complicated than Rogers think. As I mentioned in my previous post, individual movies with violent content can trigger the CC errors during Live TV.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

I highly suggest you call Rogers and mention this and also mention you know from the Community Boards that a letter was sent out last week to those who have already called/emailed the CRTC about the Closed Caption issues before they release the temporary fix.  Jeffery Liu was the name of the Assistant to the President that emailed me.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

@Fridrik wrote:

Being deaf I always have captioning on and,until very recently, I had no problem seeing captioning on recorded shows. I have read other posts on the subject but they seem to have to do with turning on captioning for a recorded show. As I said, captioning is always on on my tv but, lately,  I've been getting garbled text on recorded shows and it seems to happen to pretty much ever recorded show. Any suggestions(aside from a sledge hammer that is!)

For Fridrik and anyone else who needs CC for a hearing issue, I encourage you to complain to the CRTC as some of us have.  It is possible that more complaints will increase the urgency with which Rogers deals with this issue. 


This is not the issue of how to turn CC on or off, or when to turn CC on or off.  The issue here is for those who need CC to be able to enjoy recorded programs.  If it affects you, the link below to the CRTC will walk you through how to lodge a complaint.  It is fairly easy.    More complaints may mean faster action.


CRTC complaints:



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

Before I contact anyone, I needs to do more testing. Now, it looks like the Live TV CC errors are limited to PEACH Ch47 and has nothing to do with the content. I just took a screen image of a sitcom and it also has CC errors. Earlier today, Peach TV CC was fine. I'll test other channels to see if CC works.


Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

For those who are interested in the CC issue, here is the applicable CRTC page concerning CC.


From this page comes the following excerpts:


Quantity of closed captioning


When it comes to closed captioning quantity, the CRTC requires most broadcasters to:

  • Caption 100% of their programs over the broadcast day (from 6 AM to midnight)
  • Ensure that 100% of advertising, sponsorship messages, and promotional content is captioned (A condition of licence to be in effect by the 4th year of the current licence, which for many broadcasters was by September 2014)
  • Provide viewers with closed captioning for all programming aired overnight (from midnight to 6 AM) if captions are available

Quality of closed captioning


CRTC standards also regulate the accuracy of closed captioning, which is the level of exactness between captions and the audio content of a program. For pre-recorded programming, accuracy includes correct spelling.

For pre-recorded programs, broadcasters must target a captioning accuracy rate of 100%. For live programming, French-language captioning must target an accuracy rate of 85%, and English-language captioning 95%, with the difference related to differences in the closed-captioning techniques used in each market.

CRTC policies also address:

  • Minimizing caption lag time for pre-recorded and live programming
  • Correcting errors before re-broadcasting a program
  • Providing adequate on-screen information
  • Controlling various aspects of formatting, including the use of hyphens and, for French-language programming, chevrons
  • Ensuring the captioning of emergency alerts

Monitoring closed captioning


As part of the condition for their licences, the CRTC requires broadcasters to put in place a monitoring system to ensure that closed captioning is included in the broadcast signal and that captioning reaches the viewer in its original form.

The CRTC also requires broadcasters to monitor and report on closed captioning as follows:

  • At time of licence renewal, broadcasters must describe mechanisms and procedures they have developed to ensure the quality of closed captioning, including procedures to ensure that closed captioning is present throughout entire programs
  • Every month, broadcasters must calculate the captioning accuracy rate for two programs containing live content
  • Every two years, broadcasters must provide the CRTC with a report describing efforts to improve accuracy rates

Extending closed captioning to the online world


As a result of its Let’s Talk TV initiative, in 2015 the CRTC expressed the expectation that closed captioning will be extended beyond traditional broadcasting platforms to include online broadcasting.

To ensure that all Canadians are able to receive content in as complete a form as possible, even if that content is accessed online, the CRTC:

  • Expects that broadcasters will provide closed captioning of content made available online if that content had closed captioning in the traditional system
  • Requires broadcasters to report annually on the availability of closed captioning for their online content

Registering a complaint about closed captioning


To help ensure that broadcasters comply with its closed captioning standards, the CRTC accepts complaints about problems with closed captioning, and it can take action based on those complaints.

If the CRTC believes there is a compliance issue, it can request that a broadcaster submit its monthly accuracy rate calculations. If it appears there is repeated non-compliance with the closed captioning standards, the CRTC may impose additional monitoring requirements on a broadcaster.

All broadcasting complaints, including ones relating to closed-captioning, must be made in writing. For more information, see

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

@jetflier wrote:

Before I contact anyone, I needs to do more testing. Now, it looks like the Live TV CC errors are limited to PEACH Ch47 and has nothing to do with the content.

You are absolutely right. And it has nothing to do with Navigatr or recorded content. I see the same garbage on my SA8300HD watching PEACH Ch47 live.

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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

Stop the recorded show and EXIT back to any Channel. Press INFO on the remote and select MORE from the options. Use your UP/DOWN arrow buttons find Closed Captions, near the bottom of the options. Select to turn ON or OFF.  Now return to your recorded program.  I hope they come up with a remote shortcut to turn on/off CC because this is a real nusance.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

They did - still not intuitive or as easy as it should be, but you don't need to exit your recording.  It was discussed earlier in this thread and there's another link below too:



I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

i have that exact software and have the goobled up CC so, its an issue!
I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Closed caption with new Nextbox navigator

I've also had a similiar response call every month, demand to speak to retention and hopefully you have a ticket open with rogers, for 3 months now I have not paid for cable services due to this issue, and said if they don't wave it until the issue is fixed I will take my business to Bell, if it continues pass the summer then for sure i'm gone from rogers...... and I've never had this issue with bell until we were force to get rogers when we moved now bell is avaliable and has been entering into the market more in more buildings, rogers better fix it's problems ... like I said, call retention and demand you not pay for your cable due to you not being able to have indipendent enjoyment of your shows with CC, as a hard of hearing person I Was deeply upset, and quoted they are in violation not only of the CRTC agreements by not fixing this sooner, they are also violating the AODA Act of ontario Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act..... and they were apologetic and said if it continues we will just keep waving your cable bill, so, 3 months and they have not made a dime off me due to their mistakes, and if they keep up they will lose me as a paying customer all together!