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Cisco or SMC modem

I've Been Here Awhile

I've been thinking of upgrading my modem and I've heard good and bad about both modems. I would only be using the modem since I have an Apple router but I'veI read somewhere that the Cisco modems have a problem with Apple equipment. Has anybody have experience or problems using either modem with Apple equipment. MH



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Re: Cisco or SMC modem

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Smart move with using a seperate router.


Between the two.. regardless of how crappy the built in wireless is with it.. i think the majority of the people tend to have/use the Cisco one.


As for working with the apple.. not sure myself 😞 hopefuly someone here has some experience with that specificaly. 

Re: Cisco or SMC modem

Hi there,


I've been using Rogers SMC modem for while using Linsys WRT300N wireless router.  I flashed it with the wrong firmware and I got myself a  So I enabled gateway and wireless on SMC modem/gateway/router from Rogers.  Holy crap!  My problems started immeditely.  But today, I finally went and bought Netgear R6300 wireless router.  Disabled gateway and wireless on SMC modem, setup the new Netgear R6300 wireless router to my needs, and wow!!  My internet speeds are running almost at MAX.  Also, Netgear R6300 is Mac compatible.


Anyways, the difference is so huge, it is unbelieveable.  Wireless range is between SMC and Netgear is like day and night.  I strongly recommend this router to all PC and MAC users.  The router has one of the best GUI driven menus to date.  Yes, it is NOT cheap.  Price is $200 plus tax.




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Re: Cisco or SMC modem



you comment: ...As for working with the apple.. not sure myself..." I would point out the following:


1. networking uses standards-based IP networking, as well as standards-based WiFi.  Regardless of how proprietary the Mac may be, it must use standards-based LAN and WLAN networking as well as the more generic application-based protocols used on the Internet such as SMTP, POP, html/http, etc., etc., etc.


2. I have used, and know others who use, Mac's with generic WLAN and LAN infrastructure.  For example, you go to any WiFi hotspot, a Timmy's, a MacDonalds, a Starbucks, or whatever, and Mac's work there as well as iPhones, Android-based mobile equipments, many variants of PC's, etc., etc.


Therefore, we should assume that Mac's will not generally be a problem in any "standard" networking implementation based on whatever Rogers provides, whatever we buy and integrate into such a home-based network.  That includes outboard router products such as those made by Linksys, Netgear, Dlink, etc.


I would be highly surprised if anyone encountered problems, and would encourage that information on such problems be posted here for identification and resolution.




Re: Cisco or SMC modem

I run the network here, its my job.. i know what your talking about.
Yes, in general, it SHOULD work.


Ocassionaly, you can have it with any two hardware devices, that something just doesnt like to play nice with another.


I friend of mine, used the apple express, so not the full router, but more often used as a repeater/access point.  Helped him set it up.
While his devices could connect fine and would not drop when connected to his dlink router, he would get the ocasional drop on the airport (he was using its audio output function, playing from itunes).
Switching to a linksys router.. he has not had a drop since.  There was SOMETHING in the way the airport and the dlink talked, that it didnt like.

Thats all i was trying to say, that sometime A doesnt always talk to B nicely, even though they SHOULD 🙂

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