Cisco PVR continuously records the next show

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Cisco PVR continuously records the next show

I had the PVR setup to record a show Wednesday @ 9-10pm (Criminal Minds if it matters) and it even though the guide said it was recording, it didn't show up in the list afterwards. BUT now it's just recording the shows after, from 10-11 and from 11-1130, and now from 1130 to 12 is being recorded.  But none of these are showing up in the List.


The only thing that I know we did, was go to the channel that was being recorded, while it was being recorded.  Not sure if that makes a difference or not.


We've tried ending the recording of all the things we've programmed.

We've also tried restarting / power cycling the pvr.


No dice so far.

Any ideas? Should I take it back and return it?



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