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Cisco Nextbox Weather Application Problems

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey guys,


Having a problem with the new Nextbox and it appears nobody can help me.  I upgraded last Tuesday from the old style digital box, and it came preloaded with the new guide experience.


I submitted a request that same night to upgrade me to the new guide software so that I could view the weather and search function.


Fast forward 84 hours, the search function and On Demand work properly, but I am still unable to view the weather information application.  It gives me an error message "Sorry, Weather is currently unavailable."


I also can't view my digital box information online using MyRogers.  The drop down box is blank.


Any advice?  I've called Rogers twice, and the first person told me to return the box, the second saying that I should restart the cable box. Both of which I've done and it hasn't helped.





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Re: Cisco Nextbox Weather Application Problems

Resident Expert

the not viewing on my rogers.. which browser are you using? try another, some browswers dont play as nice with the web page, that is one possibility.

As for the weather.. i know it works on mine, i just tested.  You said you exchanged the box? shouldnt be the box then..

Only thing i could think at that point.. is signal? if its not getting QUITE enough signal, it may not be receiving it?  You can get a tech out for free to look at that.