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Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

I'm Here A Lot

I have checked all the forums and there seems to be no answer from Rogers on this even though a ton of customers are having problems.


I have a black CISCO 8642HD box.

I pay for visual call display and it doesn't work on this box.  Rogers has said for months that this will be resolved with an update but there isn't any update after a year.  Could someone at Rogers please take a moment to respond to myself and the list of customers waiting for an answer on this feature.


SECONDLY AND MORE IMPORTANTLY there is a big software problem with the 8642HD box where about 1 in every 4 times I try to watch something on the ON DEMAND channels the box simply fails, it comes up with a message saying "...that service is not available" and then the cable box becomes useless.  All channels are black without sound. The guide still comes up but no video or sound is possible when I choose a different channel.  The only solution I've found is to unplug and reboot the box to restore video/audio and watch TV.  This is RIDICULOUS.  I've paid $600 for my hardware.  I want some sort of acknowledgement and/or solution from Rogers.  Could someone from Rogers take a couple of minutes out of there day and provide me with a solution so I can stop wasting 5-10 minutes of my time every week rebooting my hardware.  I have had techs come out, I have had the box switched for another, I have tried different cords and plugs.  None of that is the problem. The problem is the box and I'd really appreciate an answer.



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Re: Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I bought my 8642HD PVR from the Sony Store last month.


Overall, I've had no big issues and am mostly pleased ... I've even managed to add a custom 1TB external hard drive!


I do have one big concern though: the HSUD problem (hard drive spins up and down all day).

There is a workaround, but I'm hoping the next firmware update will fix this.


BTW: the next firmware update should also bring Call Display and Web Scheduling to the 8642.


Of course, if you call Rogers Support, odds are the Rept. will have no idea what you're talking about 😞

Re: Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

does the 8642 firmware automatically get updated through a push from Rogers (i.e. I don't have to do anything) or do I have to go find the update and apply it myself??

Re: Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I tried calling Rogers about that ... again, they are like helpless detectives: "No Clue".


I also visit  another forum ... apparently the 8642 firmware should be rolled out by end of year ...

Re: Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

I'm a Senior Advisor
@bigdaddymaj the firmware gets pushed out by rogers you don't have to do anything.. Except maybe pray you don't lose your recordings 😉

Re: Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

I've Been Here Awhile

Same experience for me as for bigdaddymaj.


I replaced a 2 yr old 8300 PVR with the Cisco 8642 in July after seeing 60 hrs of recording get toasted thanks to a firmware push in May...

I started down this new path thanks to CBS dragging the tail end of the Amazing Race into the season opener for the Good Wife on Sept 25. Finding that bit of news after the fact on Oct 2nd, I thought to myself,  'Oh well ROD to the rescue' and tuned in channel 100 to confirm it listed the season opener as an On Demand feature.


Checked in on the PVR registration for episode 2 and sure enough CBS had messed up my recording again (I reset the PVR to tape Episode 2 on Global at 10pm and for good measure on Global Vancouver at 1am for insurance).


Back to the ROD and I get the 'sorry' message that the service is currently unavailable (but had been 15 min. earlier when I verified the listing for the show I was after).


Checked the live channel feed and I have a big screen of black. Menu interface is viewable, channel guide, listing of recordings all displayed. Channel guide showed I was recording Good Wife and Desperate Housewives but no display of any television feed. Go back to the listed recordings already on the drive - nada, zip, nil, nuttin' Listed the Galxie music channels and the screen display is there but no tunes - well maybe the Sounds of Silence...


My imagination says it's not a nul signal, everyone is watching a black bear eating licorice at midnight inside a steamer trunk !!!! riigghhhttt...


Pop in a bluRay into the PS-3 and switch the input and there is Edward James Olmos in Battlestar Galactica - so it is definitelyNOT the Sharp Aquos - besides, the channnel guide was displayed, just no broadcast signals.

No power downs at this point because I am still hoping recordings are actually being recorded on the  PVR

I checked it periodically thinking it might be weather related and went to bed peeved (Hey! now I know the etymology of PVR!)


Morning coffee and SSDD ( same 'stuff' different day).  Logging onto MyRogers, I requested a reset of the Set Top Box. (Up to 30 minute delay for that to happen) There must have been a queue, as 25 minutes later and heading out the door for work, no change in the unit behaviour...


Tonight after work, it gets one last chance with a 30 minute disconnect from the wall outlet. I'm not certain Bell has much more satisfaction to offer, or if I even have a line of sight on the satellite, but it can't be worse that paying $100 per month to collect and timeshift programs you never get the subsequent opportunity to watch...

Re: Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

I've Been Here Awhile

So I slipped home over the noon hour and  IF Rogers sent my Cisco 8642 unit a reset command, there was no evidence of it.


All menu options were displaying, but no broadcast stuff,  no recorded program content displayed nor heard (but I could hear the HDD spin up).


Went back to the wall plug and disconnected for 10 minutes.  On reconnecting the plug, it went through a boot cycle and lo and behold (drum rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll and cymbal crash) all is right with the world! The recorded shows DID get  recorded the saved programs from earlier were all accessible and Episode 1 for the Good Wife is available still on ROD so we will catch up as planned...


BUT if this unit has another brain blip again in the same fashion,  the viewer who is recording something is SOL until you can  get to a window of opportunity and unplug when the unit is not in record mode! NOT COOL! Maybe that is why we have the feeds from Calgary and Vancouver, so we can keep trying to take corrective action for this 'We put the K in Kwalittee' equipment. Lame lame lame...


Mama Bell make room...  

Re: Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

HI Speedy:


You mentioned a work-around for the drive spin-up and spin-down cycle.  Could you let me know what it is as the spin-up drives me nuts.



Re: Cisco HD 8642 box issues - NUMEROUS ISSUES

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Until the next firmware update comes along, a workaround (i.e., not a solution) is to leave the PVR on all night to a music channel, i.e. the Galaxie channels in 700's. Just turn the TV off before going to bed.

The PVR does not buffer music channels, so the HD is not accessed as much, minimizing (though not eliminating) HSUD.

In the morning, remember to turn the PVR back on, as it auto shuts off at night ... you can also set a wake up timer on the PVR, though it's not working that well for me.

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