Cisco DPC3825 and SNMP

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Cisco DPC3825 and SNMP

Just upgraded to a Cisco DPC3825 and I would like to use an SNMP tool to monitor bandwidth usage at this device.


However, I can't seem to pull any SNMP data as expected (port 161, community string "public"... tried version 1, 2c and 3 etc.)


Does anyone know if SNMP is exposed on these devices?


I can't find any related settings in the configuraion pages, but I did notice that the firmware version ends in "-ROG" so I'm guessing that Rogers has either disabled or changed the default community string to something secret, and then hidden it on the configuration screens.  I can't imagine that the device does not have SNMP support.


If anyone has any comments I'd appreciate it.


Thanks in advance.


P.S. Have not contacted support on this yet, not sure they'd be in the loop on this kind of thing. 



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Re: Cisco DPC3825 and SNMP



have you by any chance done a scan of the available documentation for the DPC3825?  I just did a quick search through the copy I have here and the string "snmp" is not to be found in the document.  This is not promising!


My guess is that you will not find any snmp capabilities in the DPC3825.


You could try calling Rogers technical support.  I hate to sound cynical, but, (with a few notable exceptions) I suspect that most of the support staff would not even know how to spell snmp.  To put it simply that level of technical sophistication would be above and beyond the usual Rogers technical support staff knowledge required to resolve customer technical support issues.





I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 and SNMP

@skinorth - Thanks for your comments...


I did find a pdf on Cisco's site that suggests it's SNMP capable... but l do suspect that Rogers has disabled that in their custom firmware.




I tried port scan on a range around the normal SNMP port  - no answer.  I did that from the "inside" side of the device  - I should try it from WAN as well, although conceiably that will be firewalled.


I agree with your assesment of the support folks - they won't be programmed to respond to the string "SNMP".  They are often pretty good at their job, but they aren't able (due to training,knowledge or policy) to step outside the box.  I'm not sure it's worth the hiold time and frustration to call them.


I wanted to use a tool to watch bandwidth usage in a little more real time than Rogers sort-of-usually-once-a-day updated thingy on their "My Rogers" portal.  Monitoring at the modem is preferable so that I can aggregate all traffic to all machines/devices in the house.  I'm not confidednt I'd match the "official" numbers anyway, but it might be handy for deciding when and what to download.


...oh well...

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Re: Cisco DPC3825 and SNMP



several points:


1. I own a Rogers-provided Ericsson W35 RocketHub.  I have Ericsson documentation that describes literally tons of functionality that is inaccessible to me because Rogers has locked down command line access to the built-in Linux-based O/S.  A similar situation may exist for the DPC3825.


2. Another, and perhaps more functional way to get what you want would be to put the DPC3825 into bridge mode, and add an outboard Linksys router capable of running the "Tomato" third-party firmware.  The Tomato firmware will provide you with the type of usage information you need.


3. Although I have not personally used the Rogers web-based usage data, there has been no end of complaints in this Forum about the lack of timeliness of the updates to that database.  There have also been lots of complaints about it being inaccessible from time to time.  I don't think the Rogers usage data would be of great value if you seriously need to track your Internet usage volume data.


At this point, I own a number of the Linksys WRT54G/L type routers which can be used for this.  They are fun to play with.  Most of them I picked up in thrift stores for about $5 each.


I know that they are also available commercially, new for somewhat more than that.  Just do a Google on either Tomato or DD-WRT firmware to determine the options available to you.


Good Luck.




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