Cisco DPC3825 - Performance Degradation Issue

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Cisco DPC3825 - Performance Degradation Issue

Hi everyone,


I'm looking for some suggestions to help with this issue I've been having ever since I switched to the DPC3825.


In a nutshell, my internet performance seems to degrade over time (usually a couple of days) causing me to unplug/replug the Cisco before performance is back to normal.  This is noticeable when I'm playing games on my XBox 360.  The XBox party chat stutters a lot (to the point that I can't understand what people are saying as it cuts out significantly), and the game I play is quite laggy in multiplayer until I've power-cycled the router.


Some details about the network:


Wired devices:

  • Boxee (media streaming to TV much like an AppleTV)
  • NAS (file server / media storage)
  • Computer
  • XBox 360

Wireless devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad


  • Xbox 360 uses static IP and is in the DPC3825's DMZ.
  • I do not run torrent software on my computer, so the Vuze/uTorrent connection spam wouldn't be a cause as I've read while browsing for this problem.
  • Boxee is turned off while I play XBox (since it uses the same TV anyways). iPhone and iPad don't do any heavy lifting. Usually just synching email etc.
  • NAS is not sending/receiveing much information if anything while I play Xbox.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can begin to find the source of the problem?  In this sort of situation would it be beneficial to buy a router and set the DPC3825 in Bridged mode? Could I just have a dud of a router? I'm unfortunately not all that tech-savvy when it comes to debugging network issues.



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Re: Cisco DPC3825 - Performance Degradation Issue

Well it looks like you have ilmmininated most of the potential 'other' sources already.

If it was say somthing doing too much traffic (IE a torrent or something else), it would come back almost imediately, after the power cycle, not take a few days to get to that point again.. so its not likely something like that.


The question then comed down to, is it the ROUTER part of the gateway or the MODEM itself which is the issue.
If you do have access to a 3rd party router to at least test, that would be a good start, like you said, to put it in bridged mode and use the router... and see if it continues.  If it does, it could be the modem part of it.