Cisco DPC3825 - Internet Speed/Disconnecting Issues

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Cisco DPC3825 - Internet Speed/Disconnecting Issues

I used to have the 300 GB Customer Retention plan using a Cisco DPC3825 and it would disconnect so often that it was really upsetting to even use it during the day.


Example log of disconnections:


1. Thu Mar 13 02:55:31
2. Thu Mar 13 12:10:08
3. Thu Mar 13 12:34:19
4. Thu Mar 13 12:35:09
5. Thu Mar 13 12:40:34
6. Thu Mar 13 12:49:51
7. Thu Mar 13 13:21:22
8. Thu Mar 13 13:32:21
9. Thu Mar 13 13:33:59
10. Thu Mar 13 13:45:45
11. Thu Mar 13 13:53:14
12. Thu Mar 13 14:11:14
13. Thu Mar 13 15:11:50
14. Thu Mar 13 17:13:09
15. Fri Mar 14 12:24:26
16. Fri Mar 14 13:08:30
17. Fri Mar 14 13:20:29
18. Fri Mar 14 14:45:05
19. Fri Mar 14 14:50:26
20. Fri Mar 14 15:36:43
21. Fri Mar 14 15:51:54
22. Fri Mar 14 22:03:27
23. Sat Mar 15 00:02:10


Luckily when I upgraded to the Business Internet Standard they sent a technician in to upgrade my hardware, to a Cisco DPC3825. Again. Anyways...


Now the disconnections don't last as long as they used to, but it the download speed slows down so much that it might as well be disconnected (This is on all devices, Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, Directly Connected PC). Gmail takes a couple tries to load because of errors, Ookla Speedtest won't even test my internet half the time because it's so slow (Often 0.50 or less, when I'm supposed to be getting ~30Mbps) and I can't even complete 3/4 of my downloads because it gets interrupted while being absurdly slow. Now here's the best part. My upload speeds are great, always within the range that I should be getting (4-5Mbps) it's just the download speed. I'm getting a 7%-15% packet loss if that matters.


Now here's what I've tried:


Disabling WMM

Testing with Direct Connection from DPC3825 > PC

Trying to go through Bridge Mode > D-Link WBR-1310

Restarting the Device

Factory Restore

Unplugging and waiting 30 seconds (Then plugging it back in of course.)

Checking firewalls/common interfering programs (Because at this point even though it's not my PC I have to.)

Changing DNS Servers

Replacing the modem/router combo that is the DPC3825

Deleting my network setup and setting it up again with the red rogers stick

Making sure all cables are securely connected


And I'm sure i've done a few more things I can't think of right now but needless to say none of that helped at all. I'm in the GTA.



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Re: Cisco DPC3825 - Internet Speed/Disconnecting Issues

Could always be a back end issue.. somewhere further down the line at one of the other nodes that you go through.

But at least on  your end.. when the other person came out, did they check the lines, swap/repace any splitters, etc?

While not always.. there are some people who have had issues like that, just due to some faulty lines (into the house from the street, fromt the wall to the modem, a spliter, etc) and a simple replace, has solved the packet loss issue.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 - Internet Speed/Disconnecting Issues

I know I posted this a long time ago but I just got a message from rogers that reminded me about the post and I thought I'd post the solution. Basically I called in and told them everything and they sent a tech out to my house, they said I had Cat-5 cables running from outside into my house and that its no longer the standard and that they were going to replace it with Cat-6 cables. Ever since the cable has been replaced I have had absolutely no issues.
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 - Internet Speed/Disconnecting Issues

Unless your Cisco is outside the house.. there shouldnt be cat5/6 comming from outside.

Likely the were confused on termenology.

Likely the cable lines outside or into the house, were older cable lines.. RG-59 or older..  and were replaced with RG-6.
(rg-6 is better shilded, thicker, etc).


Glad to hear that it fixed it up.
One thing for people to consider.. even though you may not have done anything, changed anything, etc.. dont count out the lines, etc being old, stoping working, etc. 

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Re: Cisco DPC3825 - Internet Speed/Disconnecting Issues



The past 2-3 weeks, my MacBook Pro, Girlfriend's iPhone, and my BlackBerry that are wirelessly connected to the Cisco are being disconnected from the internet. This happens at random, for random periods of time (but never more than a few seconds or a minute and such)


I've done all the disconnections and the phone tech who did all the diagnosis and says he doesn't see anything wrong with the modem. His only solution is to go to Rogers & get it exchanged which sounds like some hassle I don't immediately want to go through.


I'm fairly knowledgeable about technology so I figured I'd inquire here and see if the gurus have something else to say that could save me this trip.



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Re: Cisco DPC3825 - Internet Speed/Disconnecting Issues

Ok, well there are a couple of possibilities. One is a cable issue, and the other is a wifi issue. So, first off, here’s an example of my downstream and upstream cable data from my CGN3 as an example. This shows 20 data channels downsteam and 3 upstream.


This data is found on the DOCSIS WAN page of your modem after you have logged into the modem interface. Can you copy that data from your modem and paste it into this thread. Don’t copy the IP and other data that sits above the downstream table, just the tables themselves. The target power levels on the downstream side is 0 dBmV and 37 to 40/41 dBmV on the upstream side. That is the Signal Strength (dBmV) column. The Signal to Noise target is in the 37 to 40 dB on the downstream side. The question is, what are your current Signal Strength levels and Signal to Noise Ratios and are they at a high or low extreme which might be causing problems?


After that is the wifi power level at your laptop and other devices compared to power levels from nearby wifi routers. Maybe someone has set up a wireless router recently that is now causing problems for you. The way to find out is to load inSSIDer on a wireless laptop and have a look at your wireless signal compared to those of your neighbors. Here’s the link to the last freebie version, which is capable of monitoring 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks.


This has since become a pay version which supports 802.11ac. Have a look at the network display and try to determine where your network sits in comparison to other nearby routers. It should be at the top of the list, with some room to spare when you look at the received power levels.


Can you indicate whether or not you are using the 3825 for wireless networks, or if you have a third party router that you might be using for wireless networks.  None of the Rogers combo modem / router devices show steller performance in the wifi department, so, if you haven't thought of using a more capable router for your wireless networks, you might have hit a point where it might be a good idea.  If you read through many of the postings in the forum, you will see that poor wireless performance is a constant complaint.