Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

Hi there folks,


Fen, I hope you figured out the only way to reset Bridging mode is to "reset" the router via the little access hole in the back of the unit.

I too tried Bridging mode and had to reset the unit back to original condition.


As far as combining different Routers in your home network, this is never an easy feat, even when you have the same vendor, same model, and same firmware. ( Although that reduces an ugly job into a homely one 🙂 )


Routing networks together is very much Black Magic, particularly when trying to set things up in the first place.


The DPC3825 has been neutered with a Rogers Specific Firmware edition.

The most important features removed from the config screens are Static and RIP routing.


This is the only way to allow Wirelss Routers to ' participate ' in your home networks and retain multiple WAPs.


I am considering loading a base Cisco Firmware package on the device, which should give me access to these screens.

The only way to do this though is to carefully document all configuration parameters on the current device to make sure it continues to funtion within the Rogers Broadband Network.


PS. The reason I stayed away from bridging on this unit was because it provides 802.11n (144MB) over my current 802.11g (54MB) routers.  The only pain here is that I have 802.11g's in the attic, which gives me great coverage. My DPS3824 is in the basement next to my cable entrance, giving it limited distance.



I've Been Around
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

I was getting the "unable to connect to network" problem with my new Cisco router/modem combo.

I read on here that you have to call in to Rogers Tech Support to switch the router to "bridged mode", in order for my wireless router to be connected.  


My Solution:


With the new router/modem connected only,

I went to my router admin page

Logged in

I was able to find a section under Wireless Setup with a check box for Bridged Mode.

I checked it and Saved settings.

Modem restarted.


Connected my DLINK wireless router and presto, I am now able to use my router's wireless signal from other room with different devices in the house.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

My last post was in November.

Updates and experiences:

We have 2 offices at opposite ends of the house.

Using DPC3825 as a full wireless gateway allowing IP addresses X.X.0.20 to X.X.0.119 - Upstairs

Using one of the wired IP ports to connect a second (DLINK) wireless router at X.X.0.200 - Basement

Each Router supports it's own wireless network on different channels (so 2 networks in the house).

The DLINK has 4 wired ports and the connect to DVD, and office in the basement.

Works well and I have a mix of MAC and Windows equipment, (moving to MAC as fast as I can).

Typical sharing problems between MAC and Windows. Files etc seem OK, but printers are a pain.

I have noticed that the DPC drops connection frequently and yes the wireless is not full strength.


I was playing in the DPC3825 and when I asked for the DHCP table display, it crashed the router, repeatedly,


The USB port appears useless, I tried everything I could find.


I will probably now dumb down the DPC3825, move the DLINK back upstairs and put a switch on the end of the line downstairs to pick up the devices there. This is what I had previous to the DPC3825 when we were running less intense Internet.


So in conclusion, It works but adds no value.



I'm an Advisor
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway



thanks for the update.  The information you provide is invaluable to others trying to use the DPC3825 and a configuration with the additional router.  This kind of sets expectations as to what is possible/achievable with the device.


Also, I agree with your statement: "So in conclusion, It works but adds no value."  Why a reputable company like Cisco would attach its name to this POJ is beyond me.  I just found out recently that it is not actually made by Cisco.


In addition, an underperforming device such as the DPC3825 cannot do Rogers' reputation any good either.  So, it functions as a cable modem.  Big deal!


What about the WiFI, and what about the other functions this device is advertised as delivering???  If you have to bridge the device and add your own router for all those functions that are routinely expected and advertised, it defeats the purpose of spending the money on the DPC3825.



I've Been Around
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

recently, i got DCP3825 wireless router from Rogers. i cannot access my network drive (Simple Tech).Error Message: Windows cannot connect this device.  This drive is directly connected to Wireless Modem thru RJ45. I double checked everything - all connections are good.  this modem is stopping this network drive.

On my first call-someone from Rogers gave me a Cisco home support number 18005536387-which is not for Cisco modems, it was for Linksys. I call few other cisco numbers-all useless.

On my second call to Rogers support led me to a dead end-CSR said Cisco does not support this model. Then why this crap is being given to customers-the poor guy had no answer, nor he was able to give me an answer.

I am stuck. I will be very glad if someone can help me on how to connect my network drive. Please help

I've Been Around
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

A couple of questions;


1. Where on the Wireless Setup do you see anything that allows you to swith to Bridged mode? I cannot see anything in the manual.Bridging should involve disabling DHCP, WIreless and NAT. It seems easy to disable DHCP and WIreless but where do you disable NAT?


2. When you connect your Dlink router (in my case it is a Cisco E1000), which ports do you connect? Is it the DLink WAN port to Port 1 on the DPC3825 or do you connect  LAN port to LAN port?


I've Been Around
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

i didnt switch mine to bridged mode. I used these instructions and it worked fine.

If the DPC is still on its default IP address of you can configure the E1000 as follows:
1. unplug your router from your network. Wire a computer to your router and open the web interface at

2. On the main setup page change the LAN IP address from to

3. Make sure the internet connection type is still on Automatic/DHCP.

4. Disable the DHCP server.

5. Save settings.

6. Unplug the computer and wire one of the numbered LAN ports of your router to the Cisco.
Then configure the wireless of your router through the web interface, now at
For a roaming network, set identical wireless settings (SSID, wireless security, encryption, passphrase) enable SSID broadcast on both. Choose different channels at least 5 apart, e.g. 1 & 6 to avoid interference.


I'm an Advisor
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway



I think I understand your problem, but I am afraid that Rogers really has no requirement to help you connect your networked drive.  Your Internet connection is working, and anything beyond that is up to you.


That being said, I think the Rogers rep who steered you to the Linksys support line made an understandable mistake.  The DPC3825 is labelled "Cisco".  Linksys is owned by Cisco.  So, the assumption was made that Cisco consumer products support might help you.  That a Rogers rep does not understand the DPC3825 and its support issues IMHO says more about Rogers as a company, and its lack of proper training of its support reps than anything else.


The Cisco DPC3825 is not made by Cisco.  Cisco does not support it directly.  Don't ask me why, but that is what a little research on my part revealed.


In the Googling I just did on the matter of you connecting to your Simple Tech networked drive, I uncovered a number of possible issues.


In the first place, your networked drive likely needs an IP address.  Does the documentation that comes with the Simple Tech give you any information on how that is to be obtained: configured by you, or does it come from dhcp, in which case the DPC3825 should be providing it?


Secondly, there is the possibility of some password encryption-related issues between your Windows computer and the networked drive when using such a drive with some versions of Windows.  See:


Perhaps you can determine from the DPC3825 management interface what, if any IP address was assigned to the Simple Tech drive.  If you can "ping" that IP address from your computer, at least you know that the networked drive is alive and well and can communicate on the ethernet.


If the Simple Tech drive does not use IP to communicate with Windows, I am going to have to think about it a bit.  What we need is more information about your networked drive.


So, try a few things, and give us some more info.  For example, what is the model number or whatever of the networked drive.  What Windows version are you using, etc., etc.


Perhaps we can help you resolve the issue.


Good luck.



I'm an Advisor
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Re: Cisco DPC3825 Gateway

@Dennisc999 & darmalreid:


Just a small point, but the Dlink routers usually come configured by default with IP address and that is the address that needs to be used to access the web interface on the router.


As suggested, connect to the Dlink and change its IP address to (anything but and then you can connect it to the DPC3825 without an IP address conflict.