Cisco 4642 HD and Samsung ES6100

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Cisco 4642 HD and Samsung ES6100

Hi! Please help...

I bought Samsung ES6100 last week.

Connected like this.

4642HD to TV ==> HDMI

4642HD to DVR ==> RF Coaxial

DVR to TV ==> HDMI

I have been used DVR 3 years.

Problem is no Audio recorded when I turned off TV, Recorded Video only.

I tried TV turned ON and OFF.

When TV ON, then recorded Video and Audio.

When TV OFF, then recorded Video and No Audio.

Please let me know what is wrong.....



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Re: Cisco 4642 HD and Samsung ES6100

I believe what you are missing - is the RCA  Audio Cables going from the 4642 to the DVR thats the Red and White cables, cause what is happening is the RF Coaxcable does not carry sound when the tv is off. What would be even better would be to get component cables from the 4642 to the DVR, this way you would get really good quality picture and sound..





Hello everyone,


For more information on cable hook-ups please click here.


Hope this helps!



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cisco 4642 HD and Samsung ES6100

Thank you very much,

I will try tonight.


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Re: Cisco 4642 HD and Samsung ES6100

The new series boxes, act a little wierd, when using multiple outputs.. espeicaly HDMI. 

I actualy have it set up in my basement, that it does HDMI, out to the projector.. but no audio.

Then just coax out to my little TV for when not on projector.


For some reason, when the projector is ON even.. and then the TV, i get no audio on the coax.


Luckily, to have audio for the projector, i have it RCA out to a basic surround sound, and just use that for BOTH ways.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cisco 4642 HD and Samsung ES6100

Thanks upsdriver9 and Gdkitty.


I had a following solution.

1. Disconnect Coax Cable

2. Connect S-VHS cable 4642 to DVR.

    because my DVR does not have Component/AV in.


Now everything is okay even if turn on the TV or turn off the TV.


Thanks again.

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Re: Cisco 4642 HD and Samsung ES6100

Unrelated to your issue, but make sure you update the firmware in your TV. It is very easy if you have it networked. If not, DL it to USB. Then go into menu and look for software upgrade. It will ask how you want to do it, online or USB, and just follow the steps. You should also do the same for your Smart TV interface if you haven't already. Finally, if you weren't told when you purchased it, the great thing about the Samsungs is that you can plug in and use just about any brand of wireless mouse and keyboard. It makes using the browser and the rest of the Smart features way easier.