Chat clients - disconnecting/losing messages

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Chat clients - disconnecting/losing messages

I've been using Yahoo Messenger and Skype on my Mac(s) for years with only occasional connectivity issues. But in the last few months, my connection cuts out suddenly and without warning repeatedly all through the day and night. Friends I am text chatting with can no longer see my posts and i cannot see theirs. I have to quit the app and reload it, whereupon it will work for about 5 minutes until the same thing happens again. I just tried iChat and it is cutting out in exactly the same way.


I got a modem upgrade around the same time this started to happen regularly and am wondering if that's interfering's like the signal is wavering, or there's some kind of new firewall or network setting that interferes with chat clients. I've tried using each with airport turned on and off and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Can anyone advise me on this? Thank you!



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Re: Chat clients - disconnecting/losing messages

Can you provide a little more info on your modem and network setup.  Are you running the chat via wireless or wired, or does this happen on both.  I'm in a couple of chat rooms throughout the day via wired connection and have used both the Cisco 3825 and Hitron CGN3.  In both cases, the chat rooms were, and are rock solid.  The only time that I ever had any problems was when the external cable coming into the house was failing and finally had to be replaced.  With a little more info, the forum members can probably come up with some suggestions to help out.