Charges on my bill

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Charges on my bill

What does Canada to/from Intl - Sent mean on my bill.  I am using Roam like Home





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Re: Charges on my bill

it is under your text msg??? if so it means you sent a text from canada to and international # this has nothing to do with roam like home - roam like home covers usage that is done well in the U.S

If it was under calls then it's the same idea... you call a # that was international well you were in Canada!

Hope that helps
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Re: Charges on my bill

Good evening @dmt1970 ,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums! Smiley Happy


Sorry for the late reply. If I understand correctly, you are inquiring on the way ROAM LIKE HOME usage is indicated on your invoice.


Normally, the text messages usage will appear as to/from Canada to reflect how many messages were sent/received throughout your billing cycle.


ROAM LIKE HOME includes unlimited incoming/outgoing text messages to Canadian numbers and to local numbers in the country you're visiting. If you were outside of the country, and sending text messages to Canadian numbers, you should therefore have been covered.


Was this the case?

Let us know!