Charges from Mobivillage for iFortune

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Re: Charges from Mobivillage for iFortune

For anyone needing clarification on what are 3rd party charges and how you incur them; check out this Support link here:




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Re: Charges from Mobivillage for iFortune

I'm sorry, but the support page regarding Premium Text messsages does not apply to the situation I found myself in on my last bill.


I was billed for 3 items from a company called Buongiorno: two were from a content provider calling themselves iFortune, and one was from one called PlayPlanet. The Code/Service Descriptions were MobileVillage Games, and MobileVillage fortune telling service.


The dates of these supposed transactions were December 10th and 26th, 2014.


As RogersDarrell pointed out, here is the support document regarding Premium Text services:


According to that document, it's impossible for these companies to submit billing to Rogers unless they have "double confirmation" in the form of a response to a text message, and a secondary confirmation that you are subscribing to the service.


This is clearly not true, at least in my situation.


The device behind the Rogers 'phone number question, is my iPad with Cellular. A manager at Rogers support admitted that my device cannot display text messages. Not only that, but the Message function on the iPad shows no messaging for either of those dates.


At least in my case, this company is scamming Rogers with false claims of having received a text confirmation from me.


Rogers' response was not satisfying. First tier support's only offer was to turn on a "Premium Text Block", so that other scam artists couldn't attempt this in future. 


Thankfully, I'm an ex-Rogers employee, and I knew to push for escalation to a manager. After a lengthy delay, I was able to talk to a manager, who eventually agreed to refund the $30 in charges.


He repeatedly pressed me to contact the scam artists in order to have them unsubscribe from their "service". He said that they would then send me a text, so I could "unsubscribe".


I pointed out I didn't fall off a turnip truck yesterday:  These guys already signed me up to $30 worth of non-existent services without any interaction with me of any kind, never mind my approval. The last thing I intend to do is let them see my telephone number, or respond to ANY text they send me.


After continued pressure, he eventually offered to change the number attached to my iPad. I have no idea if this is true, but he indicated that these scam "services" are billing to your telephone number. If you cancel that number and get a new one, there is no longer anything for MobileVillage to bill against. In theory, this should block any further attempts by that company to extort additional funds from you.


It remains to be seen if these measures (Premium Text Block and changing the number) will protect my iPad from further attempts to extort money.


In the meantime, I'm going to research whether other cellular providers networks are as wide open to criminal interference as Rogers, and also find out how I can go about reporting Buongiorno/MobileVillage/Whatever to the proper authorities. 


In the meantime, my advice to all Rogers cellular customers is this:

1. Call Rogers TODAY, and ask for a block on so-called Premium Text services.

2. If you find bogus charges on your bill, don't take no for an answer. You may have to stay on the line for a few extra minutes, but they WILL refund your money.

3. During the same telephone conversation where you get them to apply your refund, get them to change the dummy telephone number associated with your tablet.

4. Last but not least, remember this: Contrary to what they say, Rogers has a legal liability in all of this. There's ample evidence on this forum alone, that Mobilevillage has been scamming Rogers customers for at least two years, and Rogers is acting as their collections agent. Remember that the invoice is coming from Rogers' billing department, not Buongiorno.

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Re: Charges from Mobivillage for iFortune

In the past I was able to find people from telus, bell, and some US carriers say they have false charges from mobivillage... Not sure about the smaller carriers.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Charges from Mobivillage for iFortune

While this doesnt directly deal with Mobivillage... it might be a step towards the right direction.


Looks like for some other services.. specific refunds, etc are being done... hopefully this will expand to some others like Mobivillage.

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Re: Charges from Mobivillage for iFortune


I just saw that as well and was about to post it... you beat me to the punch.. but happy the info is out there... Smiley Very Happy


It for sure is step in the right direction...



These 3rd party charges seem to cause a lot of upset...Smiley Frustrated



Happy to see Rogers doing something about it Smiley Happy