Charged me for not using internet

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Charged me for not using internet

I went out of country for a month and a half. Told them to disconnect my internet service. They told me that they r going to charge me 5$. Now i came back and saw that they are charging me regularly. I called them. They are telling me that it should b a minimum of 2 month to disconnect the service. I was not told about 2 month. Otherwise i would have disconnected it for two month. Why would i pay 140$ for not using internet for 1 month and 20 days.? Where as i could have paid only 10$ for not using it for 2 months. They said they cant do anything. Very disappointing.



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Re: Charged me for not using internet

Don't pay any attention to what a cs told you on the phone.  Find the email for management on this site and send off an email explaining your situation.  I experienced something similar with cs and sent an email and got satisfaction far different from my phone call.