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Channels freezing and are pixelated

I Plan to Stick Around

My Cable totally stopped working 2 days ago, and it affected my Internet connection as well. A tech came in the next day and probably unplugged and plugged the cable outside the building and it was working, however the picture was freezing/stuttering and pixels were showing up randomly. He switched my digital box and it was still occurring. So he had to contact someone to get the cable outside looked at.

Today, a tech came and checked the box outside and stated that he was getting clear signal, so I turned on the tv to see if it was still occurring.

It seemed to have stop, but after work, I am back to the same freezing/stuttering, and it actually seems worse, and it seems as though it is starting take effect on my Internet connection again. Randomly being disconnected every 5-10 minutes.

I will have to call again, but this is **bleep** frustrating, first, because randomly, my tv service just stopped working, with no explanation, and even though now the channels work, its pretty much unwatchable, unless you like watching a slide show.




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Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated

I would like to reinforce the value of getting a tech out to look at potential signal problems. Recently, I started having trouble with my 8300HD PVR giving me error messages when I tried to play some recordings. It said something to the effect that it could not play it back and that it might be on an external drive. In the 10 years I've owned the box I've never seen this message. The other symptom of the problem was that some scheduled recordings simply were not on my list of recordings, as if nothing had happened. I went into the 8300's diagnostic screen and noticed that the signal strength on almost every channel was in yellow, which means it's not good. When flipping through channels, a lot of them were not even locking on, which is why the PVR was having trouble.


I called Rogers last Friday and went over the problem on the phone. When I spoke with the rep, he said my signal strengths were normal and that my PVR might be causing the problem. He also said that signal strength has nothing to do with playing back recordings. I patiently explained to him more than once what the problem was, including bad signal strength readings. The rep scheduled a tech to come out today (Monday) and he found there were several splitters in a box that were probably causing the problem. He installed a signal booster where the cables come into the house and that fixed the problem. All signal strengths are now normal plus my upstairs landlady gets the benefit as well. I mentioned that the rep on the phone said he saw normal strength readings on his end and the tech said they can only see where the signal enters the house before it gets split, so beware of that when speaking to someone on the phone about a similar problem.


This is the first time in years I've had a tech come out for any problems and I'm very impressed with the service that Rogers provided.


Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated

I've Been Here Awhile

i have the same problem. im downtown kitchener this has been going on for months WHY DONT YOU ROGERS FIX IT.

Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated

Hello @latherbisch,


I would like to assist in resolving the issue you are having. Can you please describe in detail what you're experiencing so we can better help to get this resolved? 


Thank you, 


Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated

While rogers usually 'can' fix this.. its not something they can do on their own, per say.

its NOT an issues on their end, or everyone would be experiencing it.

its LIKELY a signal issue.. somewhere outside your house, or inside.
And no, not necessarily by anthing you did.   It often just can be a splitter or something failing.

This requires you to call in and book a tech visit out so they can check everything to ensure proper levels.

Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated

Anyone else having problems with ROD in the evenings - ie pixelated vertical bars ruining your viewing experience.

Rebooting the box used to seem to work but lately not so much. Also.don't find the idea of spending time on the phone with the tech very appealing....anyone else find a resolution to these issues?

Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated

P.S. I'm in London Ontario

Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated


Hello, @baba45terte


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for your post, is the issue mentioned only on ROD programming? Are you able to load the Guide fine?




Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated

I'm Here A Lot
Yes only in ROD. I do have some periodic issues with the ROD menus slow loading (no movie posters) and errors. Tonight everything worked fine and tried to watch Cinderella again and for the second night in a row had the vertical pixelation in the movie. Regular TV works fine.

Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated

I'm Here A Lot
Edit....not sure why I keep saying vertical....the pixelated bars were horizontal.

Re: Channels freezing and are pixelated


Hello, @baba45terte


I can run diagnostics on your boxes to determine the cause, addressing the issue involves in accessing your account. I’m going to send you a private message from CommunityHelps.


Please check our message via the envelope icon that appears on the top right-hand side of your screen when you are logged in to the forums.


Thank you for understanding!


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