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Channel Not Available

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What's going on with Rogers? for a few days now a bunch of channels like BBC Canada, AMC, FX Canada, FXX, MTM etc. have been giving a message saying "Channel Not Available" not that they aren't part of the package (which they are) just that they aren't availible and to try back later. Sometimes if you go back 10-15 mins later they work but then next time they are gone again. Why can't Rogers even get the most basic things to work right?




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Re: Channel Not Available

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I am guessing this is on a DIGITAL box?

(not analog)

Just checked twitter and FB.. complaints yes in general.. but not about really any of those channels (if it was a FEED issue, you would likely hear alot more complaining).


Quite often when you see that message, its a SIGNAL issue.

Was helping a friend who was having that exact message.. went over.. they had put a splitter in, to be able to still use a VCR.. the splitter was weakening the signal... once straight back into the box.. channels were back.


An intermitant signal, could cause the channel to come and go.


This COULD be outside.. the feed to the street, etc.. could be more internal.


Likely best to get a tech out to check signal levels.

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