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Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around

Good morning.


I am a Rogers VIP subscriber in Ottawa. Commencing yesterday evening, when I try to access certain channels, I receive a couple error messages. The problem persists this morning as well.


For example, the following is for Channel 41 (RDS):


Tuning RDS...

One Moment Please


After about 5 seconds, the message changes to:


Channel Not Available

The channel is currently not available.

Please try again later.

Return to previous channel.


I followed the steps outlined in the Self Service portal, but no luck so I called the Rogers support number as directed (613-516-3819) and was walked through several processes including the complete rebooting of the Digital box from Rogers end.


Despite all our efforts, the problem has not been resolved so a ticket was raised (C27285632) as the customer service rep seemed to think that the problem was definitely a Rogers service issue.


It is important to note that not all the stations subscribed to with my VIP service displays the error messages. Some standard stations are also affected whereas some VIP stations are not affected. Below is a partial list of the stations that I am having the problems with:


11 (CFJP)

35 (TV5)

37 (MPLS)

41 (RDS)

60 (CNLD)

64 (VRAK)

72 (VIVA)

73 (GTV)

75 (SNW)

76 (SNP)

77 (NFLNT)

78 (GOLF)

79 (CNBC)

80 (HN)

82 (ACTN)

83 (DIVA)

84 (IFC)

85 (NATG)

86 (MTIME)

87 (BBCC)

88 (DHC)

89 (DIY)


I do not use a HD Digital box. I am using a Standard Digital box from Rogers (Scientific Atlanta).


Are there others experiencing the same problems or has a resolution been posted?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@siuolly :  Please see post 61 of this thread.  The issue is likely the return signal from your box to the node or to the head end requesting those channels. Putting a signal booster in your home will not help if the actual issue is outside your home or in your neighbourhood.  The return signal is not boosted and may even be hampered. 


I suggest you call Rogers again (or contact them via PM as indicated above) and have them check the signal outside your home.  Resolving the issue may require 2 visits, the first to confirm a poor signal at your home by an "inside" technician and then a followup visit by an "outside" technician.  They are usually different people.  These sorts of issues are very common and it's a lazy technician who comes into your home and puts in a booster instead of solving the real problem.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I've Been Here Awhile

Service not available try again later


been going on for months. rogers can't fix it or won't fix it.  last call they said my wife way a liar. 20 years of being a rogers customer will soon be ending. too much competition to keep paying for channels that i don't get and paying for customer service like rogers

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Hello @fedup33,


Thanks for being a part of the Community Forums and congratulations on your first post. 🙂


I'm extremely saddened to hear of the negative experience you recently had with us. 20 years is certainly a long time to remain with one company and the loyalty you have shown means more than you'll ever know. 


We'd really like to help you out here! If you don't mind, I just have a few questions for you to better understand your situation:


- When did this issue first begin?

- Did you recently make any changes to your cable TV services?
- Are you having trouble with one cable box or multiple cable boxes?
- Are all of your channels giving you this error, or only a select few? 


We look forward to your response!



Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I've Been Here Awhile
Been more than 6 months
Yes but problem was there before change
Both boxes
Select channels. Usually timeshift hbo twn tmn. It now include channel 11.

Google the error message and lots of people have this issue and rogers has hard time fixing it.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@fedup33 : Check out posts 61, 64 of this thread. It's almost always related to a poor return signal.  Yes, a lot of people have poor signal and often blame the box or something else.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I've Been Around

I live in Toronto, have two HD boxes (Scientific Atlantic) and have experiencing the same problems noted above for the better part of six months.  I will be calling this evening and asking that the signal be checked in our neighbourhood.  It's crazy that we are paying for channels we don't get.  Many of the TSN channels, FX, TMN, and others. I thought it was the box, and was looking into buying a new one.  Now I know better. 

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Hi @NJL1!


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your first post!


I'm sorry to hear that you are having troubles when viewing certain channels, we definitely want your experience to be one that is enjoyable. Did you have an opportunity to speak with our technical support team? If so, what was the outcome? Hopefully, they were able to get the issue fixed or take the appropriate steps towards a resolution. Please let us know! 🙂


If your concern has yet to be addressed, feel free to send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can run some tests and try to get to the bottom of this for you. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Kind regards!



Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around

I've been receiving that message, off and on, for at least a month.

Spoke to a rep who thought it was my digital box, ... maybe.

Most of the time it occurs around 7-730 pm and for hours after.

Channels are random. Can be watching one moment, change to another channel, and come back to the original, which now pops up with that message. Annoying to say the least. Especially when you may be watching a movie, change during commercial, and then not be able to access your original channel when you come back!

I'm thinking it is signal power problem. Perhaps peak hours are not receiving the signal that we need?


Rogers should get someone online here to explain the phenomenon?

Obviously not a "one off" situation?



Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Here's a post on the topic of signal, which certainly is the cause of many such issues. You can check the signal yourself, or contact Rogers and have them check it remotely.  It's often worthwhile checking with your neighbours to see if they have similar issues.  Rogers is not going to do anything until you complain.


See my posts in the previous page of this thread.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for your input,


I asked Rogers online (CHAT) a week ago about the problem. Long story short, signal to the residence was good, and box seemed fine to them? They mentioned I can exchange the box, but seemed like a lost leader remedy to me.

I'll try that after the holidays, I guess.

Since others are having the same problem, I can't stop thinking that the signal is weaker at night, and perhaps redirected to those that pay for ultimate speed usage?




Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Signal needs to be checked when you're having the problem. Signal can be worse at certain times of the day. I know I had an issue a while back wherein the signal was week after around 11PM.  We finally traced the issue to a bad splitter (the first one at the demarcation point of my home). 


I have also had issues in the past where a tree limb came down on a feeder line and signal was affected when it got cooler or windy. Again, it's imperative to check the signal when you're actually having the problem and to check with your neighbours.  A lot of times the signal is checked when the problem doesn't exist.  Intermittent issues are the most difficult to solve, however, a proper analysis usually gets you to a solution.


When I checked with my neighbours regarding the latter issue, they all said they were having problems, but none of them had called to complain!!  It's also possible to have the Rogers CSRs check neighbour signals when they are checking yours - remotely, or when present live.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around



I was going to ask them for a new splitter and box.

The test rep said our signals at my residence, and area were fine though.

I rebooted the box a couple times since but to no avail?

Oh well, guess I'll wait until next week and try replacements.


Happy Holidays!

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