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Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around

Good morning.


I am a Rogers VIP subscriber in Ottawa. Commencing yesterday evening, when I try to access certain channels, I receive a couple error messages. The problem persists this morning as well.


For example, the following is for Channel 41 (RDS):


Tuning RDS...

One Moment Please


After about 5 seconds, the message changes to:


Channel Not Available

The channel is currently not available.

Please try again later.

Return to previous channel.


I followed the steps outlined in the Self Service portal, but no luck so I called the Rogers support number as directed (613-516-3819) and was walked through several processes including the complete rebooting of the Digital box from Rogers end.


Despite all our efforts, the problem has not been resolved so a ticket was raised (C27285632) as the customer service rep seemed to think that the problem was definitely a Rogers service issue.


It is important to note that not all the stations subscribed to with my VIP service displays the error messages. Some standard stations are also affected whereas some VIP stations are not affected. Below is a partial list of the stations that I am having the problems with:


11 (CFJP)

35 (TV5)

37 (MPLS)

41 (RDS)

60 (CNLD)

64 (VRAK)

72 (VIVA)

73 (GTV)

75 (SNW)

76 (SNP)

77 (NFLNT)

78 (GOLF)

79 (CNBC)

80 (HN)

82 (ACTN)

83 (DIVA)

84 (IFC)

85 (NATG)

86 (MTIME)

87 (BBCC)

88 (DHC)

89 (DIY)


I do not use a HD Digital box. I am using a Standard Digital box from Rogers (Scientific Atlanta).


Are there others experiencing the same problems or has a resolution been posted?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I'm Here A Lot

I wish I could help but I get exactly the same message. But I have an HD Cable Box and, therefore, I see the message with a number of HD channels. And I get this message when I try to access Channel 99, their "help' channel. Go figure! And, to top it all off, Rogers On Demand does not work, has never worked. You'd think they'd have something on their website to help us out, wouldn't you? Not Rogers! Oh, I'm in Toronto. 

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around



I have the same problem.


I had some audio issues with my Explorer 4250HD.  I exchanged it for a Explorer 4642HD and now I have several channels that are showing as not available.


I have reset the terminal, called tech support and confirm signal strengths and even got a 2nd Explorer 4642HD box and I still have the same issue.


I have a Explorer E-940 in another room and I can access all the SD channels that I cannot access on the Explorer 4642HD.





Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

C'mon Rogers! We know you're monitoring this forum. Jump in and give us some help! If the cable box is at fault, why not just acknowledge it so we can move on from there. Your customer service stinks.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I'm a Senior Advisor
I'm in the ottawa area and I can get those channels just fine. It might be with the box but I sort of doubt that multiple people would have the issue all at once.. I would call 1-888-ROGERS-1 you'll get this sorted much faster.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around


I am in London.  I should mention that it appears that the channels I cannot access are different than the ones you listed above.


I called Rogers tonight and went through more troubleshooting steps.


I was told that the issue was going to be forwarded on and would be resolved in about 30 minutes.  Although it is not over an hour later and the problem still exists.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I have been experiencing the same problem for the last 24 hours on both my HD Box (4250) and SD Box (3200).  The same channels are unavailable on both (e.g. Dusk and TMN on Demand); I have the VIP package. Re-booting does not help.

I will be calling Rogers as soon as I post this message.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I have to believe this is a signal strength issue because of my experience. Here's why I say this. For the past week or so, Rogers has offered NHL Centre Ice for free. So I try to watch a game on Ch 451 only to receive the dreaded "Channel Not Available" message. So I try 452 (or 453 or whatever) until, low and behold, I get a game! At least until the picture freezes. Then I go back to one of the previously unavailable channels and, yes, I get a game - until the picture freezes! And if I go to the baseball game and return to a channel where I previously had a game, I get "Channel Not Available". So it can't be my 4250 - it's got to be the signal. Now I have Rogers VIP with 3 TV's using splitters. Is that the problem? If so, why wouldn't Rogers simply say so and suggest a remedy. I'm puzzled by their silence. 

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around

We experienced the same problem, with multiple missing channels, at the end of Sept.  Some of it we got sorted out with a tech visit, but our On Demand services are practically non-accessible.  Many phone calls later, I am still waiting for resolution. It isn't the boxes, because we switched our HD box to a completely different model, and the problems are exactly the same.  I am not a techie person, but I suspect the problem is poor signal strength, a lack of sufficient bandwidth, or Rogers has insufficient server capacity to service their customers.  Pathetic.  I'm located in Toronto, but it sounds like these problems are hitting Rogers customers no matter where they are.  It would be really nice if Rogers would actually let their paying customers know what is going on.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I've Been Here Awhile

I've got the same problem.  I haven't really noted which channels don't work, but for sure it includes the NFL Network, some of the Sportsnet channels, TSN had the error for a bit but usually works, channel 118 did not work last night (I believe this is a Global channel from the West coast).  That is all I've noticed so far.

I guess I shouldn't expect much from Rogers, given that this was posted a week ago and they've provided no response.  My God, even just to say "we don't know what the problem is yet, but we are working on it.  We will keep you informed."  What a joke.

I don't really want to spend my time trying to get this resolved, but I guess I will have to.  Rogers will reboot my terminal and that won't work.  They will instruct me to go pick up another terminal, and that won't work.  I went through the same nonsense earlier this year when the guide kept on losing information every midnight and wouldn't refresh for several hours.  I picked up a new terminal and it was DOA.  I had to pick up a second new terminal and had the same problem with the guide.  Eventually it went away, because it was a Rogers issue all along and eventually they got around to fixing it.


I certainly don't want to change terminals again.  Silly me, when I first did that I thought I'd be getting a new terminal, but of course all you get is a recycled (used) terminal, that's as cheap as the one you gave up.  I swear these terminals are designed to last three years, tops.  Sorry, I'm venting a little here.

Hopefully Rogers fixes this soon and I don't have to call up their customer service department and demand a refund for channels I'm paying for but not getting.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Yeah, I'm with you. I'm not about to invest a gazillion hours of my time while Rogers pretends to be interested in fixing this issue. Fortunately, the channels that don't come in aren't at the top of my viewing list. And that's probably true for all of us who are having a problem so that might be a clue as to why we can't get them. Maybe Rogers has a way to make sure the popular channels are at full strength while the less popular get what's left. I'm sure not a techie so I'm just speculating. Anyway, I've started looking at Bell Expressview to see how that compares. Dealing with Rogers is just a pain - but then again, so is dealing with Bell. Geez, isn't it great having the CRTC to look after us?

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I've Been Here Awhile

I hear you, wilbrich.  Unfortunately, one of the channels that is out for me is one I watch a lot (the NFL Network).


But fortunately, I think I've found an answer.  I'm not sure if it'll be the answer for everyone, but it's working for me so far.


Apparently Rogers has rolled out a technology called SDV, it basically affects how the system operates (I believe in short the system uses bandwidth more efficiently).  Obviously, it can also create problems.


I took the advice provided by user "57" at the digitalhome forum.  I had my box plugged into a surge suppressor.  I now have it plugged directly into the wall outlet.  Apparently, the suppressor can cause the box to not communicate as effectively as it needs to with the Rogers system when SDV is in use.  Here are some links:*+issues


Thanks Rogers for being so quick to respond to your customers, the answer was right here and I didn't have to spend about an hour searching online.  Oh wait, actually I did. Smiley Mad Honestly, how hard would it be to provide an explanation?  These SDV issues have been happening to your customers for months.  It's not like this is a brand new issue.  Why do we have to go to another forum to get answers?  Other companies have support forums where they actually help their customers.  At the very least put it on the Support FAQ on your website.


I know I'm being a bit of a jerk, but it's also some honest feedback.


Good luck solving this issue everyone.  I hope it's as easy for you as it seems to be for me.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around

My box is plugged directly into the wall, and I can't access On Demand 90% of the time.  I hope your solution works for some, but it won't for me. Smiley Sad

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I've Been Around
I too am having the same problem and have for a month or so. Unlike many of you the channels I'm missing are ones I watch mostly my west coast feeds CTV, GLOBAL, CITY.. 80% of the time they don't come in and when they do it's for a short period of time. I tried plugging it directly into the wall outlet but I'm still getting the dreaded channel not available message. I think it's about time I switch to a different TV provider. They say satellite isn't as reliable...but at least when my channel goes out I know it's because of weather

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Tried the direct to wall plug-in thing. No change. Will explore those links when I get a chance. Tks.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I've Been Here Awhile
It's your cable. Not the box.

Trust me, I'm in the exact same position with everyone here. Located in the basement is where I use my Scientific Atlanta EXPLORER 4250 HD Rogers Box. Sometimes I get certain channels but most of the time I'm missing some like the Comedy Network, IFC, ACTN to name a few. ( incl all of the On Demand channels )

However, my family also have the same cable box and they receive all channels. My dad has his in the living room running from the wall. My mom has hers in the top floor living room running from the wall as well. My brother gets all his channels and his bedroom is on the other side of mine practically next door with a cable running from the furnace room's wall using a splitter with only another black cable running directly into my (other) brothers TV ( he doesn't a Rogers Box though ). Mine runs directly into the wall. No splitter... several attempts have been made to resolve this issue ( My Dad took his Box and plugged into where I had mine initially... only to run into the same issue ) trouble-shooting with the cable-cords, and what not only to come to the conclusion that it wasn't the boxes themselves.

My dad also tried a spare cable he had on him... but because of my location it was put into a splitter that was shared with about 3 other cords ( one of which is the internet which is used by my family on a frequent basis ) so the signal strength wasn't strong enough and I yet again achieved the same results ).

Hopefully this helps.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Thanks for your help crash20015!



Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around

I had a service call scheduled and the day before almost all my channels started to work again.


I cancelled the service call as I thought the problems had gone away.  However, I still cannot access the Call Display Channel (ch. 975).  This isn't a critical channel for me, so I have not rescheduled a service call.


I tried to plug directly into the wall as mentioned above, but it didn't solve the problems with ch. 975.


Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I would check your signal strength, as well, you may not have any splitters on the immediate wire, but there could be some in the part where the cable enters your house. The older splitters are usually culprits and do not always meet the frequency of the cable spectrum used with the rogers box. plus ive seen them hidden inside walls, celings ,etc.

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Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

Here's a good news update! I finally got around to calling Rogers. They confirmed that both of my HD boxes were not sending a return signal back to Rogers whenever I tuned into an SDV channel. So they sent out a tech. He noted that both boxes did not have an IP address which indicates that there was no return signal (as above). So he checked the cable-in line and found something he called an "air filter" - at least I think that's what he said. It's a small (about 2" long) tube that attached to the cable just before the splitter. He said immediately that that was the problem. This filter was probably added by a Rogers tech years ago to clean up the signal. Before I bought the HD boxes, this was no big deal. But with the HD and SDV era, this filter prevents the box from sending a return signal to Rogers when you tune into a SDV channel. Anyway, he removed it and I'm functioning 100%.


S, if you're having a problem, check for this filter. The tech said that sometimes these are installed outside the house so you may have to look out there. He also said some of the less experienced techs may not diagnose the problem as they may be unfamiliar with this device. Apparently it's no longer used but may still be installed on many cable installations.

Re: Channel Not Available Error Message

I Plan to Stick Around

I know no one has posted in here in a month or so, but I have had my 4642HD box for under a week now, and am having this same issue.  I subscribe to the VIP cable package.  I don't have a specific list of channels this happens too, but I have seen at least 4 or 5 so far.  I have talked to tech support twice and both times they just had me unplug/replug the box, but it didn't fix it.  Last night before I went to sleep, I went online and from the 'myrogers' site, I re-authorized my terminal, but it still didn't fix anything!  Can I get an update here?  I am going to talk to tech support again today I think.....

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