Channel List for Digital Plus

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Channel List for Digital Plus

Is nothing simple?


All I want is an up to date channel list for Digital Plus for the Alliston area. This would include both the channel numbers and the station name, only for Digital Plus, in my area.


Shearched everywhere on the Rogers site. Found a list of all availabe stations and their numbers, found a list of station names for digital Plus with no numbers for my area. But no list of what I'm looking for.


Any help please.




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Re: Channel List for Digital Plus

I think ontario is one of the only places like this.

Most of the other rogers areas, its the same across the board.. but rogers can varry greatly from one city to the next in ontario Smiley Sad

They almost need to break down the 'location' by Ontario - GTA, ONtario - Barrie, etc so that it can post a custom list for each area.


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Re: Channel List for Digital Plus

Nope atlantic canada too just got 48 new channels with digital upgrade and no where online can I find out what they aare plus I have to change boxes and cords alone I'm not tech savvy now I got a new box I can't hook up so no tv urrg fruztrating